Class JmsProducerProperties

    • Field Detail

      • deliveryMode

        protected String deliveryMode
      • messageSize

        protected int messageSize
      • sendCount

        protected long sendCount
      • sendDuration

        protected long sendDuration
      • sendType

        protected String sendType
      • sendDelay

        protected long sendDelay
      • msgFileName

        protected String msgFileName
      • createNewMsg

        protected boolean createNewMsg
    • Constructor Detail

      • JmsProducerProperties

        public JmsProducerProperties()
    • Method Detail

      • getDeliveryMode

        public String getDeliveryMode()
      • setDeliveryMode

        public void setDeliveryMode​(String deliveryMode)
      • getMessageSize

        public int getMessageSize()
      • setMessageSize

        public void setMessageSize​(int messageSize)
      • getSendCount

        public long getSendCount()
      • setSendCount

        public void setSendCount​(long sendCount)
      • getSendDuration

        public long getSendDuration()
      • setSendDuration

        public void setSendDuration​(long sendDuration)
      • getSendType

        public String getSendType()
      • setSendType

        public void setSendType​(String sendType)
      • isCreateNewMsg

        public boolean isCreateNewMsg()
      • setCreateNewMsg

        public void setCreateNewMsg​(boolean createNewMsg)
      • setSendDelay

        public void setSendDelay​(long delay)
      • getSendDelay

        public long getSendDelay()
      • setHeader

        public void setHeader​(String encodedHeader)
        Method for setting a message header.
        encodedHeader - - the header is encoded as a string using this syntax: encodedHeader = [headerkey '=' headervalue ':' ]* E.g. an encodedHeader could read "JMSType=car", or "JMSType=car:MyHeader=MyValue" That implies neither the header key nor the value can contain any of the characters ':' and '='.
      • getHeaderKeys

        public Set<String> getHeaderKeys()
      • getHeaderValue

        public Object getHeaderValue​(String key)
      • clearHeaders

        public void clearHeaders()
      • setMsgFileName

        public void setMsgFileName​(String file)
      • getMsgFileName

        public String getMsgFileName()