Class TransportLoggerView

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    public class TransportLoggerView
    extends Object
    implements TransportLoggerViewMBean
    Class implementing the TransportLoggerViewMBean interface. When an object of this class is created, it registers itself in the MBeanServer of the management context provided. When a TransportLogger object is finalized because the Transport Stack where it resides is no longer in use, the method unregister() will be called.
    David Martin Clavo david(dot)martin(dot)clavo(at)
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    • Constructor Detail

      • TransportLoggerView

        public TransportLoggerView​(TransportLogger transportLogger,
                                   String nextTransportName,
                                   int id,
                                   ManagementContext managementContext)
        transportLogger - The TransportLogger object which is to be managed by this MBean.
        nextTransportName - The name of the next TransportLayer. This is used to give a unique name for each MBean of the TransportLoggerView class.
        id - The id of the TransportLogger to be watched.
        managementContext - The management context who has the MBeanServer where this MBean will be registered.
    • Method Detail

      • enableAllTransportLoggers

        public static void enableAllTransportLoggers()
        Enable logging for all Transport Loggers at once.
      • disableAllTransportLoggers

        public static void disableAllTransportLoggers()
        Disable logging for all Transport Loggers at once.
      • isLogging

        public boolean isLogging()
        Description copied from interface: TransportLoggerViewMBean
        Returns if the managed TransportLogger is currently active (writing to a log) or not.
        Specified by:
        isLogging in interface TransportLoggerViewMBean
        if the managed TransportLogger is currently active (writing to a log) or not.
      • setLogging

        public void setLogging​(boolean logging)
        Description copied from interface: TransportLoggerViewMBean
        Enables or disables logging for the managed TransportLogger.
        Specified by:
        setLogging in interface TransportLoggerViewMBean
        logging - Boolean value to enable or disable logging for the managed TransportLogger. true to enable logging, false to disable logging.
      • unregister

        public void unregister()
        Unregisters the MBean from the MBeanServer of the management context provided at creation time. This method is called by the TransportLogger object being managed when the TransportLogger object is finalized, to avoid the memory leak that would be caused if MBeans were not unregistered.
      • createTransportLoggerObjectNameRoot

        public static String createTransportLoggerObjectNameRoot​(ManagementContext managementContext)
        Creates the part of the ObjectName that will be used by all MBeans. This method is public so it can be used by the TransportLoggerControl class.
        managementContext -
        A String with the part of the ObjectName common to all the TransportLoggerView MBeans.