Class TransportServerSupport

    • Field Detail

      • allowLinkStealing

        protected boolean allowLinkStealing
    • Constructor Detail

      • TransportServerSupport

        public TransportServerSupport()
      • TransportServerSupport

        public TransportServerSupport​(URI location)
    • Method Detail

      • setConnectURI

        public void setConnectURI​(URI location)
        location - The location to set.
      • onAcceptError

        protected void onAcceptError​(Exception e)
      • getBindLocation

        public URI getBindLocation()
      • setBindLocation

        public void setBindLocation​(URI bindLocation)
      • setTransportOption

        public void setTransportOption​(Map<String,​Object> transportOptions)
      • isAllowLinkStealing

        public boolean isAllowLinkStealing()
        Description copied from interface: TransportServer
        Some protocols allow link stealing by default (if 2 connections have the same clientID - the youngest wins). This is the default for AMQP and MQTT. However, JMS 1.1 spec requires the opposite
        Specified by:
        isAllowLinkStealing in interface TransportServer
        true if allow link stealing is enabled.
      • setAllowLinkStealing

        public void setAllowLinkStealing​(boolean allowLinkStealing)