Class AmqpProtocolDiscriminator

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    public class AmqpProtocolDiscriminator
    extends Object
    implements AmqpProtocolConverter
    Used to assign the best implementation of a AmqpProtocolConverter to the AmqpTransport based on the AmqpHeader that the client sends us.
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      • onAMQPData

        public void onAMQPData​(Object command)
                        throws Exception
        Description copied from interface: AmqpProtocolConverter
        A new incoming data packet from the remote peer is handed off to the protocol converter for processing. The type can vary and be either an AmqpHeader at the handshake phase or a byte buffer containing the next incoming frame data from the remote.
        Specified by:
        onAMQPData in interface AmqpProtocolConverter
        command - the next incoming data object from the remote peer.
        Exception - if an error occurs processing the incoming data packet.
      • updateTracer

        public void updateTracer()
        Description copied from interface: AmqpProtocolConverter
        On changes to the transport tracing options the Protocol Converter should update its internal state so that the proper AMQP data is logged.
        Specified by:
        updateTracer in interface AmqpProtocolConverter
      • keepAlive

        public long keepAlive()
        Description copied from interface: AmqpProtocolConverter
        Perform any keep alive processing for the connection such as sending empty frames or closing connections due to remote end being inactive for to long.
        Specified by:
        keepAlive in interface AmqpProtocolConverter