Class AmqpWireFormat

    • Constructor Detail

      • AmqpWireFormat

        public AmqpWireFormat()
    • Method Detail

      • isHeaderValid

        public boolean isHeaderValid​(AmqpHeader header,
                                     boolean authenticated)
        Given an AMQP header validate that the AMQP magic is present and if so that the version and protocol values align with what we support. In the case where authentication occurs the client sends us two AMQP headers, the first being the SASL initial header which triggers the authentication process and then if that succeeds we should get a second AMQP header that does not contain the SASL protocol ID indicating the connection process should follow the normal path. We validate that the header align with these expectations.
        header - the header instance received from the client.
        authenticated - has the client already authenticated already.
        true if the header is valid against the current WireFormat.
      • getMinimallySupportedHeader

        public AmqpHeader getMinimallySupportedHeader()
        Returns an AMQP Header object that represents the minimally protocol versions supported by this transport. A client that attempts to connect with an AMQP version that doesn't at least meat this value will receive this prior to the connection being closed.
        the minimal AMQP version needed from the client.
      • setVersion

        public void setVersion​(int version)
        Specified by:
        setVersion in interface WireFormat
        version - the version of the wire format
      • getVersion

        public int getVersion()
        Specified by:
        getVersion in interface WireFormat
        the version of the wire format
      • resetMagicRead

        public void resetMagicRead()
      • isMagicRead

        public boolean isMagicRead()
      • getMaxFrameSize

        public long getMaxFrameSize()
      • setMaxFrameSize

        public void setMaxFrameSize​(long maxFrameSize)
      • getMaxAmqpFrameSize

        public int getMaxAmqpFrameSize()
      • setMaxAmqpFrameSize

        public void setMaxAmqpFrameSize​(int maxAmqpFrameSize)
      • isAllowNonSaslConnections

        public boolean isAllowNonSaslConnections()
      • setAllowNonSaslConnections

        public void setAllowNonSaslConnections​(boolean allowNonSaslConnections)
      • getConnectAttemptTimeout

        public int getConnectAttemptTimeout()
      • setConnectAttemptTimeout

        public void setConnectAttemptTimeout​(int connectAttemptTimeout)
      • setProducerCredit

        public void setProducerCredit​(int producerCredit)
      • getProducerCredit

        public int getProducerCredit()
      • getTransformer

        public String getTransformer()
      • setTransformer

        public void setTransformer​(String transformer)
      • getIdleTimeout

        public int getIdleTimeout()
      • setIdleTimeout

        public void setIdleTimeout​(int idelTimeout)