Class AmqpWireFormatFactory

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class AmqpWireFormatFactory
    extends Object
    implements WireFormatFactory
    Creates the default AMQP WireFormat object used to configure the protocol support.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AmqpWireFormatFactory

        public AmqpWireFormatFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • getMaxAmqpFrameSize

        public int getMaxAmqpFrameSize()
      • setMaxAmqpFrameSize

        public void setMaxAmqpFrameSize​(int maxAmqpFrameSize)
      • getMaxFrameSize

        public long getMaxFrameSize()
      • setMaxFrameSize

        public void setMaxFrameSize​(long maxFrameSize)
      • getIdelTimeout

        public int getIdelTimeout()
      • setIdelTimeout

        public void setIdelTimeout​(int idelTimeout)
      • getProducerCredit

        public int getProducerCredit()
      • setProducerCredit

        public void setProducerCredit​(int producerCredit)
      • getTransformer

        public String getTransformer()
      • setTransformer

        public void setTransformer​(String transformer)
      • isAllowNonSaslConnections

        public boolean isAllowNonSaslConnections()
      • setAllowNonSaslConnections

        public void setAllowNonSaslConnections​(boolean allowNonSaslConnections)