Class AmqpTransactionCoordinator

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AmqpLink, AmqpResource

    public class AmqpTransactionCoordinator
    extends AmqpAbstractReceiver
    Implements the AMQP Transaction Coordinator support to manage local transactions between an AMQP client and the broker.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AmqpTransactionCoordinator

        public AmqpTransactionCoordinator​(AmqpSession session,
                                          org.apache.qpid.proton.engine.Receiver endpoint)
        Creates a new Transaction coordinator used to manage AMQP transactions.
        session - the AmqpSession under which the coordinator was created.
        endpoint - the AMQP receiver link endpoint for this coordinator.
    • Method Detail

      • getDestination

        public ActiveMQDestination getDestination()
        the ActiveMQDestination that this link is servicing.
      • setDestination

        public void setDestination​(ActiveMQDestination destination)
        Description copied from interface: AmqpLink
        Sets the ActiveMQDestination that this link will be servicing.
        destination - the ActiveMQDestination that this link services.