Interface SaslMechanism

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    AbstractSaslMechanism, AnonymousMechanism, PlainMechanism

    public interface SaslMechanism
    A SASL Mechanism implements this interface in order to provide the AmqpAuthenticator with the means of providing authentication services in the SASL handshake step.
    • Method Detail

      • processSaslStep

        void processSaslStep​(org.apache.qpid.proton.engine.Sasl sasl)
        Perform the SASL processing for this mechanism type.
        sasl - the SASL server that has read the incoming SASL exchange.
      • getUsername

        String getUsername()
        the User Name extracted from the SASL echange or null if none.
      • getPassword

        String getPassword()
        the Password extracted from the SASL echange or null if none.
      • getMechanismName

        String getMechanismName()
        the name of the implemented SASL mechanism.
      • isFailed

        boolean isFailed()
        true if the SASL processing failed during a step.
      • getFailureReason

        String getFailureReason()
        a failure error to explain why the mechanism failed.