Class ZeroconfDiscoveryAgent

    • Constructor Detail

      • ZeroconfDiscoveryAgent

        public ZeroconfDiscoveryAgent()
    • Method Detail

      • stop

        public void stop()
        Specified by:
        stop in interface Service
      • addService

        public void addService​(javax.jmdns.JmDNS jmDNS,
                               String type,
                               String name)
      • removeService

        public void removeService​(javax.jmdns.JmDNS jmDNS,
                                  String type,
                                  String name)
      • serviceAdded

        public void serviceAdded​(javax.jmdns.ServiceEvent event)
        Specified by:
        serviceAdded in interface javax.jmdns.ServiceListener
      • serviceRemoved

        public void serviceRemoved​(javax.jmdns.ServiceEvent event)
        Specified by:
        serviceRemoved in interface javax.jmdns.ServiceListener
      • serviceResolved

        public void serviceResolved​(javax.jmdns.ServiceEvent event)
        Specified by:
        serviceResolved in interface javax.jmdns.ServiceListener
      • resolveService

        public void resolveService​(javax.jmdns.JmDNS jmDNS,
                                   String type,
                                   String name,
                                   javax.jmdns.ServiceInfo serviceInfo)
      • getPriority

        public int getPriority()
      • setPriority

        public void setPriority​(int priority)
      • getWeight

        public int getWeight()
      • setWeight

        public void setWeight​(int weight)
      • setJmdns

        public void setJmdns​(javax.jmdns.JmDNS jmdns)
      • setLocalAddress

        public void setLocalAddress​(InetAddress localAddress)
      • getLocalhost

        public String getLocalhost()
      • setLocalhost

        public void setLocalhost​(String localhost)
      • createServiceInfo

        protected javax.jmdns.ServiceInfo createServiceInfo​(String name,
                                                            Map map)
      • getGroup

        public String getGroup()
      • setGroup

        public void setGroup​(String group)
      • setType

        public void setType​(String typeSuffix)
      • getType

        public String getType()
      • serviceFailed

        public void serviceFailed​(DiscoveryEvent event)
                           throws IOException
        Description copied from interface: DiscoveryAgent
        A process actively using a service may see it go down before the DiscoveryAgent notices the service's failure. That process can use this method to notify the DiscoveryAgent of the failure so that other listeners of this DiscoveryAgent can also be made aware of the failure.
        Specified by:
        serviceFailed in interface DiscoveryAgent