Class BlockingQueueTransport

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Service, Transport

    public class BlockingQueueTransport
    extends TransportSupport
    A server side HTTP based TransportChannel which processes incoming packets and adds outgoing packets onto a Queue so that they can be dispatched by the HTTP GET requests from the client.
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      • getRemoteAddress

        public String getRemoteAddress()
        the remote address for this connection
      • getReceiveCounter

        public int getReceiveCounter()
        Description copied from interface: Transport
        Returns a counter which gets incremented as data is read from the transport. It should only be used to determine if there is progress being made in reading the next command from the transport. The value may wrap into the negative numbers.
        a counter which gets incremented as data is read from the transport.
      • getPeerCertificates

        public X509Certificate[] getPeerCertificates()
        the Certificates provided by the peer, or null if not a secure channel.
      • setPeerCertificates

        public void setPeerCertificates​(X509Certificate[] certificates)
        Description copied from interface: Transport
        Sets the certificates provided by the connected peer.
        certificates - the Certificates provided by the peer.
      • getWireFormat

        public WireFormat getWireFormat()
        Description copied from interface: Transport
        Retrieves the WireFormat instance associated with this Transport instance.
        the WireFormat in use.