Class HttpClientTransport

    • Field Detail

      • canSendCompressed

        protected boolean canSendCompressed
    • Constructor Detail

      • HttpClientTransport

        public HttpClientTransport​(TextWireFormat wireFormat,
                                   URI remoteUrl)
    • Method Detail

      • run

        public void run()
      • getSendHttpClient

        public org.apache.http.client.HttpClient getSendHttpClient()
      • setSendHttpClient

        public void setSendHttpClient​(org.apache.http.client.HttpClient sendHttpClient)
      • getReceiveHttpClient

        public org.apache.http.client.HttpClient getReceiveHttpClient()
      • setReceiveHttpClient

        public void setReceiveHttpClient​(org.apache.http.client.HttpClient receiveHttpClient)
      • createHttpClient

        protected org.apache.http.client.HttpClient createHttpClient()
      • createClientConnectionManager

        protected org.apache.http.conn.HttpClientConnectionManager createClientConnectionManager()
      • configureMethod

        protected void configureMethod​(org.apache.http.message.AbstractHttpMessage method)
      • isTrace

        public boolean isTrace()
      • setTrace

        public void setTrace​(boolean trace)
      • getReceiveCounter

        public int getReceiveCounter()
        Description copied from interface: Transport
        Returns a counter which gets incremented as data is read from the transport. It should only be used to determine if there is progress being made in reading the next command from the transport. The value may wrap into the negative numbers.
        a counter which gets incremented as data is read from the transport.
      • getSoTimeout

        public int getSoTimeout()
      • setSoTimeout

        public void setSoTimeout​(int soTimeout)
      • setUseCompression

        public void setUseCompression​(boolean useCompression)
      • isUseCompression

        public boolean isUseCompression()
      • getMinSendAsCompressedSize

        public int getMinSendAsCompressedSize()
      • setMinSendAsCompressedSize

        public void setMinSendAsCompressedSize​(int minSendAsCompressedSize)
        Sets the minimum size that must be exceeded on a send before compression is used if the useCompression option is specified. For very small payloads compression can be inefficient compared to the transmission size savings. Default value is 0.
        minSendAsCompressedSize -
      • getPeerCertificates

        public X509Certificate[] getPeerCertificates()
        the Certificates provided by the peer, or null if not a secure channel.
      • setPeerCertificates

        public void setPeerCertificates​(X509Certificate[] certificates)
        Description copied from interface: Transport
        Sets the certificates provided by the connected peer.
        certificates - the Certificates provided by the peer.
      • getWireFormat

        public WireFormat getWireFormat()
        Description copied from interface: Transport
        Retrieves the WireFormat instance associated with this Transport instance.
        the WireFormat in use.