Class HttpTransportServer

    • Method Detail

      • setBrokerInfo

        public void setBrokerInfo​(BrokerInfo brokerInfo)
        Description copied from interface: TransportServer
        Associates a broker info with the transport server so that the transport can do discovery advertisements of the broker.
      • setWireFormat

        public void setWireFormat​(TextWireFormat wireFormat)
      • setConnector

        protected void setConnector​(org.eclipse.jetty.server.Connector connector)
      • getSocketAddress

        public InetSocketAddress getSocketAddress()
        The socket address that this transport is accepting connections on or null if this does not or is not currently accepting connections on a socket.
      • setWireFormatOptions

        public void setWireFormatOptions​(Map<String,​Object> wireFormatOptions)
      • isSslServer

        public boolean isSslServer()
        Description copied from interface: TransportServer
        For TransportServers that provide SSL connections to their connected peers they should return true here if and only if they populate the ConnectionInfo command presented to the Broker with the peers certificate chain so that the broker knows it can use that information to authenticate the connected peer.
        true if this transport server provides SSL level security over its connections.