Class MQTTProtocolConverter

  • public class MQTTProtocolConverter
    extends Object
    • Method Detail

      • onActiveMQCommand

        public void onActiveMQCommand​(Command command)
                               throws Exception
        Dispatch an ActiveMQ command
      • onTransportError

        public void onTransportError()
      • getDefaultKeepAlive

        public long getDefaultKeepAlive()
      • setDefaultKeepAlive

        public void setDefaultKeepAlive​(long keepAlive)
        Set the default keep alive time (in milliseconds) that would be used if configured on server side and the client sends a keep-alive value of 0 (zero) on a CONNECT frame
        keepAlive - the keepAlive in milliseconds
      • getActiveMQSubscriptionPrefetch

        public int getActiveMQSubscriptionPrefetch()
      • setActiveMQSubscriptionPrefetch

        public void setActiveMQSubscriptionPrefetch​(int activeMQSubscriptionPrefetch)
        set the default prefetch size when mapping the MQTT subscription to an ActiveMQ one The default = 1
        activeMQSubscriptionPrefetch - set the prefetch for the corresponding ActiveMQ subscription
      • setPublishDollarTopics

        public void setPublishDollarTopics​(boolean publishDollarTopics)
      • getPublishDollarTopics

        public boolean getPublishDollarTopics()
      • getSessionId

        public SessionId getSessionId()
      • isCleanSession

        public boolean isCleanSession()
      • getSubscriptionStrategy

        public String getSubscriptionStrategy()
      • setSubscriptionStrategy

        public void setSubscriptionStrategy​(String name)
      • getClientId

        public String getClientId()
      • containsMqttWildcard

        protected boolean containsMqttWildcard​(String value)