Class MQTTSubscription

  • public class MQTTSubscription
    extends Object
    Keeps track of the MQTT client subscription so that acking is correctly done.
    • Method Detail

      • expectAck

        public boolean expectAck​(org.fusesource.mqtt.codec.PUBLISH publish)
        Given a PUBLISH command determine if it will expect an ACK based on the QoS of the Publish command and the QoS of this subscription.
        publish - The publish command to inspect.
        true if the client will expect an PUBACK for this PUBLISH.
      • getTopicName

        public String getTopicName()
      • getConsumerInfo

        public ConsumerInfo getConsumerInfo()
        Gets the ConsumerInfo that describes the subscription sent to ActiveMQ.
        the ConsumerInfo used to create this subscription.
      • getQoS

        public org.fusesource.mqtt.client.QoS getQoS()
        the assigned QoS value for this subscription.