Class MQTTTransportFilter

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Service, MQTTTransport, Transport, TransportListener

    public class MQTTTransportFilter
    extends TransportFilter
    implements MQTTTransport
    The MQTTTransportFilter normally sits on top of a TcpTransport that has been configured with the StompWireFormat and is used to convert MQTT commands to ActiveMQ commands. All of the conversion work is done by delegating to the MQTTProtocolConverter
    • Method Detail

      • isTrace

        public boolean isTrace()
      • setTrace

        public void setTrace​(boolean trace)
      • getDefaultKeepAlive

        public long getDefaultKeepAlive()
      • setDefaultKeepAlive

        public void setDefaultKeepAlive​(long defaultHeartBeat)
      • getConnectAttemptTimeout

        public long getConnectAttemptTimeout()
        the timeout value used to fail a connection if no CONNECT frame read.
      • setConnectAttemptTimeout

        public void setConnectAttemptTimeout​(long connectTimeout)
        Sets the timeout value used to fail a connection if no CONNECT frame is read in the given interval.
        connectTimeout - the connection frame received timeout value.
      • getPublishDollarTopics

        public boolean getPublishDollarTopics()
      • setPublishDollarTopics

        public void setPublishDollarTopics​(boolean publishDollarTopics)
      • getSubscriptionStrategy

        public String getSubscriptionStrategy()
      • setSubscriptionStrategy

        public void setSubscriptionStrategy​(String name)
      • getActiveMQSubscriptionPrefetch

        public int getActiveMQSubscriptionPrefetch()
      • setActiveMQSubscriptionPrefetch

        public void setActiveMQSubscriptionPrefetch​(int activeMQSubscriptionPrefetch)
        set the default prefetch size when mapping the MQTT subscription to an ActiveMQ one The default = 1
        activeMQSubscriptionPrefetch - set the prefetch for the corresponding ActiveMQ subscription
      • getMaxFrameSize

        public int getMaxFrameSize()
        the maximum number of bytes a single MQTT message frame is allowed to be.
      • setMaxFrameSize

        public void setMaxFrameSize​(int maxFrameSize)
        Sets the maximum frame size for an incoming MQTT frame. The protocl limit is 256 megabytes and this value cannot be set higher.
        maxFrameSize - the maximum allowed frame size for a single MQTT frame.