Class ExceptionIfDroppedReplayStrategy

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class ExceptionIfDroppedReplayStrategy
    extends Object
    implements ReplayStrategy
    Throws an exception if packets are dropped causing the transport to be closed.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ExceptionIfDroppedReplayStrategy

        public ExceptionIfDroppedReplayStrategy()
      • ExceptionIfDroppedReplayStrategy

        public ExceptionIfDroppedReplayStrategy​(int maximumDifference)
    • Method Detail

      • onDroppedPackets

        public boolean onDroppedPackets​(ReliableTransport transport,
                                        int expectedCounter,
                                        int actualCounter,
                                        int nextAvailableCounter)
                                 throws IOException
        Description copied from interface: ReplayStrategy
        Deals with a dropped packet.
        Specified by:
        onDroppedPackets in interface ReplayStrategy
        transport - the transport on which the packet was dropped
        expectedCounter - the expected command counter
        actualCounter - the actual command counter
        nextAvailableCounter - TODO
        true if the command should be buffered or false if it should be discarded
      • getMaximumDifference

        public int getMaximumDifference()
      • setMaximumDifference

        public void setMaximumDifference​(int maximumDifference)
        Sets the maximum allowed difference between an expected packet and an actual packet before an error occurs