Class StompTransportFilter

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Service, StompTransport, Transport, TransportListener

    public class StompTransportFilter
    extends TransportFilter
    implements StompTransport
    The StompTransportFilter normally sits on top of a TcpTransport that has been configured with the StompWireFormat and is used to convert STOMP commands to ActiveMQ commands. All of the conversion work is done by delegating to the ProtocolConverter.
    • Method Detail

      • isTrace

        public boolean isTrace()
      • setTrace

        public void setTrace​(boolean trace)
      • getDefaultHeartBeat

        public String getDefaultHeartBeat()
      • setDefaultHeartBeat

        public void setDefaultHeartBeat​(String defaultHeartBeat)
      • getHbGracePeriodMultiplier

        public float getHbGracePeriodMultiplier()
        Returns the currently configured Read check grace period multiplier.
        the hbGracePeriodMultiplier
      • setHbGracePeriodMultiplier

        public void setHbGracePeriodMultiplier​(float hbGracePeriodMultiplier)
        Sets the read check grace period multiplier. New CONNECT frames that indicate a heart beat value with a read check interval will have that value multiplied by this value to add a grace period before the connection is considered invalid. By default this value is set to zero and no grace period is given. When set the value must be larger than 1.0 or it will be ignored.
        hbGracePeriodMultiplier - the hbGracePeriodMultiplier to set
      • setMaxDataLength

        public void setMaxDataLength​(int maxDataLength)
        Sets the maximum number of bytes that the data portion of a STOMP frame is allowed to be, any incoming STOMP frame with a data section larger than this value will receive an error response.
        maxDataLength - size in bytes of the maximum data portion of a STOMP frame.
      • getMaxDataLength

        public int getMaxDataLength()
      • setMaxFrameSize

        public void setMaxFrameSize​(int maxFrameSize)
      • getMaxFrameSize

        public long getMaxFrameSize()
      • getConnectAttemptTimeout

        public long getConnectAttemptTimeout()
      • setConnectAttemptTimeout

        public void setConnectAttemptTimeout​(long timeout)