Class MemoryUsage

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    public class MemoryUsage
    extends Usage<MemoryUsage>
    Used to keep track of how much of something is being used so that a productive working set usage can be controlled. Main use case is manage memory usage.
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      • MemoryUsage

        public MemoryUsage()
      • MemoryUsage

        public MemoryUsage​(MemoryUsage parent)
        Create the memory manager linked to a parent. When the memory manager is linked to a parent then when usage increased or decreased, the parent's usage is also increased or decreased.
        parent -
      • MemoryUsage

        public MemoryUsage​(String name)
      • MemoryUsage

        public MemoryUsage​(MemoryUsage parent,
                           String name,
                           float portion)