BOARD REPORT - April 2017


  • HornetQ IP clearance has been completed 100% 
    • HornetQ code base migrated to ActiveMQ Artemis
      • Eliminated all HornetQ references 
      • The code base is now 100% an ActiveMQ project
  • Discussion around development methodology differences between the 5.x code base and the ActiveMQ Artemis
    • Garnered fairly active participation from many committers
    • It did result in a good description of the commit then review process that was agreed upon on the mailing list which was then documented at
    • There were also good discussions around code formatting setups to make working on the various codebases within ActiveMQ more consistent and easier to pull ideas and code back and forth
  • ActiveMQ Artemis code base is now receiving contributions from a wider scope of people (beyond just the original HornetQ contributors)
    • Long standing committers from the 5.x project are starting to contribute to ActiveMQ Artemis
  • Active collaboration between 5.x development and ActiveMQ Artemis development is now taking place 
    • ActiveMQ 5.x features actively being migrated to Artemis 
      • Test framework from 5.x migrated ActiveMQ Artemis 
      • Migration of the MQTT protocol from 5.x to ActiveMQ Artemis 
    • Also discussion is taking place to improve the the 5.x code base with regard multi-protocol detection on a single socket based on ideas from Artemis and Apollo
  • PMC is actively working toward diversifying the community by inviting more committers to the project
    • Christopher Shannon was added this month
    • Three others added since May 2015
  • Artemis 1.0 was successfully released 
    • Work is on-going for the 1.0.1 release
  • Back in the April report, one PMC member voiced the following concern:
    "At least one member of the PMC, as well as several members of the community, feels strongly that disagreements and concerns are not getting addressed in a manner that will move the community toward consensus." 
    • While this comment is true, the community member who was raising these concerns has gone silent
  • Initiated discussion to address past issues from some community members as instructed by the board
    • Result so far is zero replies

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