BOARD REPORT - January 2018

  • ActiveMQ
    • Some folks are collaborating on the redesign/refactor of the ActiveMQ project website to give it a makeover and to better identify where activity is taking place
    • A vote was held to make the Apollo project read-only and indicate on both the ActiveMQ website and in the Apollo readme that the project is no longer under active development
  • ActiveMQ Artemis
    • An ActiveMQ Artemis Roadmap wiki page was created to identify the outstanding issues that must be addressed by Artemis in order to achieve some level of feature parity with ActiveMQ 5.x. The overall objective for working toward feature parity between ActiveMQ 5.x and Artemis is for Artemis to eventually become ActiveMQ 6.x.
    • The web console for Artemis has had good adoption with contributors beyond that of the originals contributing
    • Clebert Suconic hosted a video call to walk through the Artemis code base with some folks
  • ActiveMQ 5.15.2 was released on Fri Oct 20 2017
  • ActiveMQ Artemis 2.4.0 was released on Tue Nov 7 2017
Committer Changes
  • Michael André Pearce at Fri Sep 29 2017

Report submitted on 10 Jan 2018

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