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It is very common for an organisation to have lots of legacy C code which needs integration into the message bus. The current available solutions are

  • CMS is an easy-to-use JMS 1.1-like API for C++. Our implementation of CMS is called ActiveMQ-CPP, the architecture for which supports pluggable transport protocols, very much like the ActiveMQ broker itself.
  • use the OpenWire C Client which is only available in ActiveMQ 4.x or later.
  • we are working on the OpenWire CPP Client

  • use the Stomp C Client for any version of ActiveMQ from 3.1 onwards. You can also use Stomp from many other languages like .Net, Python, Ruby, Perl etc.

Other alternative mechanisms to communicate using.

  • use the REST API
  • use WS-Notification and generate C bindings to WS-Notification using a SOAP stack
  • use .Net or Mono to use ActiveMQ insided .Net
  • Compile ActiveMQ with GCJ to get a native C/C++ library
  • link to the ActiveMQ Java client using JNI
  • Use a Jabber client to talk to the ActiveMQ broker via the XMPP protocol

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