Connection Factory Properties

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The ‘outbound’ Connection Factory objects used to send messages by default use the connection configuration properties of the Resource Adapter deployment, but those properties can be overridden per connection factory.

The Connection Factory properties that can be configured are:

Property Name Required Default Value
ServerUrl no set in resource adapter
UserName no set in resource adapter
Clientid no set in resource adapter
Password no set in resource adapter
UseInboundSession no set in resource adapter


The URL to the ActiveMQ server that you want this connection to connect to. If using an embedded broker, this value should be ‘vm://localhost’.


The default user name that will be used to establish connections to the ActiveMQ server.


The default password that will be used to log the default user into the ActiveMQ server.


The client id that will be set on the connection that is established to the ActiveMQ server.


Boolean to configure if outbound connections should reuse the inbound connection’s session for sending messages.

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