Class WildcardConfiguration

    • Constructor Detail

      • WildcardConfiguration

        public WildcardConfiguration()
    • Method Detail

      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object
      • isRoutingEnabled

        public boolean isRoutingEnabled()
      • getAnyWords

        public char getAnyWords()
      • getAnyWordsString

        public String getAnyWordsString()
      • getDelimiter

        public char getDelimiter()
      • getDelimiterString

        public String getDelimiterString()
      • getSingleWord

        public char getSingleWord()
      • getSingleWordString

        public String getSingleWordString()
      • convert

        public String convert​(String input,
                              WildcardConfiguration target)
        Convert the input from this WildcardConfiguration into the specified WildcardConfiguration. If the input already contains characters defined in the target WildcardConfiguration then those characters will be escaped and preserved as such in the returned String. That said, wildcard characters which are the same between the two configurations will not be escaped If the input already contains escaped characters defined in this WildcardConfiguration then those characters will be unescaped after conversion and restored in the returned String.
        input - the String to convert
        target - the WildcardConfiguration to convert the input into
        the converted String