Interface ProtocolManager<P extends BaseInterceptor,​R extends org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.server.routing.RoutingHandler>

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    public interface ProtocolManager<P extends BaseInterceptor,​R extends org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.server.routing.RoutingHandler>
    Info: ProtocolManager is loaded by RemotingServiceImpl.loadProtocolManagerFactories(Iterable)
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      • updateInterceptors

        void updateInterceptors​(List<BaseInterceptor> incomingInterceptors,
                                List<BaseInterceptor> outgoingInterceptors)
        This method will receive all the interceptors on the system and you should filter them out *
        incomingInterceptors -
        outgoingInterceptors -
      • removeHandler

        default void removeHandler​(String name)
      • addChannelHandlers

        void addChannelHandlers​( pipeline)
      • isProtocol

        boolean isProtocol​(byte[] array)
      • acceptsNoHandshake

        boolean acceptsNoHandshake()
        If this protocols accepts connectoins without an initial handshake. If true this protocol will be the failback case no other connections are made. New designed protocols should always require a handshake. This is only useful for legacy protocols.
      • handshake

        void handshake​(org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.remoting.impl.netty.NettyServerConnection connection,
                       ActiveMQBuffer buffer)
      • websocketSubprotocolIdentifiers

        List<String> websocketSubprotocolIdentifiers()
        A list of the IANA websocket subprotocol identifiers ( supported by this protocol manager. These are used during the websocket subprotocol handshake.
        A list of subprotocol ids
      • setAnycastPrefix

        void setAnycastPrefix​(String anycastPrefix)
      • setMulticastPrefix

        void setMulticastPrefix​(String multicastPrefix)
      • setSecurityDomain

        void setSecurityDomain​(String securityDomain)
      • getSecurityDomain

        String getSecurityDomain()
      • getRoutingHandler

        R getRoutingHandler()