Interface ActiveMQSecurityManager2

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    public interface ActiveMQSecurityManager2
    extends ActiveMQSecurityManager
    Used to validate whether a user is authorized to connect to the server and perform certain functions on certain destinations. This is an evolution of ActiveMQSecurityManager that adds the ability to perform authorization taking the destination address into account.
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      • validateUserAndRole

        boolean validateUserAndRole​(String user,
                                    String password,
                                    Set<> roles,
                                    String address,
                                    RemotingConnection connection)
        Determine whether the given user is valid and whether they have the correct role for the given destination address. This method is called instead of ActiveMQSecurityManager.validateUserAndRole(String, String, Set, CheckType).
        user - the user
        password - the user's password
        roles - the user's roles
        checkType - which permission to validate
        address - the address for which to perform authorization
        connection - the user's connection
        true if the user is valid and they have the correct roles for the given destination address