Interface ActiveMQSecurityManager

    • Method Detail

      • getDomain

        default String getDomain()
      • validateUser

        boolean validateUser​(String user,
                             String password)
        is this a valid user.
        user - the user
        password - the users password
        true if a valid user
      • validateUserAndRole

        boolean validateUserAndRole​(String user,
                                    String password,
                                    Set<> roles,
        is this a valid user and do they have the correct role
        user - the user
        password - the users password
        roles - the roles the user has
        checkType - the type of check to perform
        true if the user is valid and they have the correct roles
      • init

        default ActiveMQSecurityManager init​(Map<String,​String> properties)
        Initialize the manager with the given configuration properties. This method is called by the broker when the file-based configuration is read. If you're creating/configuring the plugin programmatically then the recommended approach is to simply use the manager's getters/setters rather than this method.
        properties - name/value pairs used to configure the ActiveMQSecurityManager instance
        this instance
      • getUserFromSubject

        default String getUserFromSubject​(Subject subject)