Protocols and Interoperability

Apache ActiveMQ Artemis has a powerful & flexible core which provides a foundation upon which other protocols can be implemented. Each protocol implementation translates the ideas of its specific protocol onto this core.

The broker ships with a client implementation which interacts directly with this core. It uses what's called the "core" API, and it communicates over the network using the "core" protocol.

Supported Protocols

The broker has a pluggable protocol architecture. Protocol plugins come in the form of protocol modules. Each protocol module is included on the broker's class path and loaded by the broker at boot time. The broker ships with 5 protocol modules out of the box. The 5 modules offer support for the following protocols:

APIs and Other Interfaces

Although JMS and Jakarta Messaging are standardized APIs, they does not define a network protocol. The ActiveMQ Artemis JMS & Jakarta Messaging clients are implemented on top of the core protocol. We also provide a client-side JNDI implementation.

Configuring Acceptors

In order to make use of a particular protocol, a transport must be configured with the desired protocol enabled. There is a whole section on configuring transports that can be found here.

The default configuration shipped with the ActiveMQ Artemis distribution comes with a number of acceptors already defined, one for each of the above protocols plus a generic acceptor that supports all protocols. To enable protocols on a particular acceptor simply add the protocols url parameter to the acceptor url where the value is one or more protocols (separated by commas). If the protocols parameter is omitted from the url all protocols are enabled.

  • The following example enables only MQTT on port 1883

  • The following example enables MQTT and AMQP on port 5672

  • The following example enables all protocols on 61616:


Here are the supported protocols and their corresponding value used in the protocols url parameter.

Protocol protocols value
Core (Artemis & HornetQ native) CORE
OpenWire (5.x native) OPENWIRE

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