ActiveMQ Artemis Documentation

Resource Limits

Sometimes it's helpful to set particular limits on what certain users can do beyond the normal security settings related to authorization and authentication. For example, limiting how many connections a user can create or how many queues a user can create. This chapter will explain how to configure such limits.

Configuring Limits Via Resource Limit Settings

Here is an example of the XML used to set resource limits:

   <resource-limit-setting match="myUser">

Unlike the match from address-setting, this match does not use any wild-card syntax. It's a simple 1:1 mapping of the limits to a user.

max-connections defines how many connections the matched user can make to the broker. The default is -1 which means there is no limit.

max-queues defines how many queues the matched user can create. The default is -1 which means there is no limit.