Interface Configuration

  • public interface Configuration
    A Configuration is used to configure ActiveMQ Artemis servers.
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        String getName()
        To be used on dependency management on the application server
      • setName

        Configuration setName​(String name)
        To be used on dependency management on the application server
      • setSystemPropertyPrefix

        Configuration setSystemPropertyPrefix​(String systemPropertyPrefix)
        We use Bean-utils to pass in that start with setSystemPropertyPrefix(String). The default should be 'brokerconfig.' (Including the "."). For example if you want to set clustered through a system property you must do: -Dbrokerconfig.clustered=true The prefix is configured here.
        systemPropertyPrefix -
      • isCriticalAnalyzer

        boolean isCriticalAnalyzer()
      • setCriticalAnalyzer

        Configuration setCriticalAnalyzer​(boolean CriticalAnalyzer)
      • getCriticalAnalyzerTimeout

        long getCriticalAnalyzerTimeout()
      • setCriticalAnalyzerTimeout

        Configuration setCriticalAnalyzerTimeout​(long timeout)
      • getCriticalAnalyzerCheckPeriod

        long getCriticalAnalyzerCheckPeriod()
      • setCriticalAnalyzerCheckPeriod

        Configuration setCriticalAnalyzerCheckPeriod​(long checkPeriod)
      • getCriticalAnalyzerPolicy

        org.apache.activemq.artemis.utils.critical.CriticalAnalyzerPolicy getCriticalAnalyzerPolicy()
      • setCriticalAnalyzerPolicy

        Configuration setCriticalAnalyzerPolicy​(org.apache.activemq.artemis.utils.critical.CriticalAnalyzerPolicy policy)
      • setPersistDeliveryCountBeforeDelivery

        Configuration setPersistDeliveryCountBeforeDelivery​(boolean persistDeliveryCountBeforeDelivery)
        Sets whether delivery count is persisted before messages are delivered to consumers.
      • setPersistenceEnabled

        Configuration setPersistenceEnabled​(boolean enable)
        Sets whether this server is using persistence and store data.
      • setMaxRedeliveryRecords

        Configuration setMaxRedeliveryRecords​(int maxPersistRedelivery)
        Maximum number of redelivery records stored on the journal per message reference.
      • getMaxRedeliveryRecords

        int getMaxRedeliveryRecords()
      • isJournalDatasync

        boolean isJournalDatasync()
        Should use fdatasync on journal files.
        a boolean
        See Also:
      • getResourceLimitSettings

        Map<String,​org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.settings.impl.ResourceLimitSettings> getResourceLimitSettings()
        usernames mapped to ResourceLimitSettings
      • setResourceLimitSettings

        Configuration setResourceLimitSettings​(Map<String,​org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.settings.impl.ResourceLimitSettings> resourceLimitSettings)
        resourceLimitSettings - usernames mapped to ResourceLimitSettings
      • addResourceLimitSettings

        Configuration addResourceLimitSettings​(org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.settings.impl.ResourceLimitSettings resourceLimitSettings)
        resourceLimitSettings - usernames mapped to ResourceLimitSettings
      • setFileDeployerScanPeriod

        Configuration setFileDeployerScanPeriod​(long period)
        Sets the period to scan configuration files used by deployment.
      • setThreadPoolMaxSize

        Configuration setThreadPoolMaxSize​(int maxSize)
        Sets the maximum number of threads in the thread pool of this server.
      • setScheduledThreadPoolMaxSize

        Configuration setScheduledThreadPoolMaxSize​(int maxSize)
        Sets the maximum number of threads in the scheduled thread pool of this server.
      • setSecurityInvalidationInterval

        Configuration setSecurityInvalidationInterval​(long interval)
        Sets the interval time (in milliseconds) to invalidate security credentials.
      • setAuthenticationCacheSize

        Configuration setAuthenticationCacheSize​(long size)
        Sets the size of the authentication cache.
      • setAuthorizationCacheSize

        Configuration setAuthorizationCacheSize​(long size)
        Sets the size of the authorization cache.
      • setSecurityEnabled

        Configuration setSecurityEnabled​(boolean enabled)
        Sets whether security is enabled for this server.
      • setGracefulShutdownEnabled

        Configuration setGracefulShutdownEnabled​(boolean enabled)
        Sets whether security is enabled for this server.
      • setGracefulShutdownTimeout

        Configuration setGracefulShutdownTimeout​(long timeout)
        Sets the graceful shutdown timeout
      • setJMXDomain

        Configuration setJMXDomain​(String domain)
        Sets the domain used by JMX MBeans (provided JMX management is enabled).

        Changing this JMX domain is required if multiple ActiveMQ Artemis servers are run inside the same JVM and all servers are using the same MBeanServer.

      • isJMXUseBrokerName

        boolean isJMXUseBrokerName()
        whether or not to use the broker name in the JMX tree
      • setJMXUseBrokerName

        org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.config.impl.ConfigurationImpl setJMXUseBrokerName​(boolean jmxUseBrokerName)
        whether or not to use the broker name in the JMX tree
      • getIncomingInterceptorClassNames

        List<String> getIncomingInterceptorClassNames()
        Returns the list of interceptors classes used by this server for incoming messages (i.e. those being delivered to the server from clients).
      • getOutgoingInterceptorClassNames

        List<String> getOutgoingInterceptorClassNames()
        Returns the list of interceptors classes used by this server for outgoing messages (i.e. those being delivered to clients from the server).
      • setIncomingInterceptorClassNames

        Configuration setIncomingInterceptorClassNames​(List<String> interceptors)
        Sets the list of interceptors classes used by this server for incoming messages (i.e. those being delivered to the server from clients).
        Classes must implement Interceptor.
      • setOutgoingInterceptorClassNames

        Configuration setOutgoingInterceptorClassNames​(List<String> interceptors)
        Sets the list of interceptors classes used by this server for outgoing messages (i.e. those being delivered to clients from the server).
        Classes must implement Interceptor.
      • setConnectionTTLOverride

        Configuration setConnectionTTLOverride​(long ttl)
        Sets the connection time to live.
      • isAmqpUseCoreSubscriptionNaming

        boolean isAmqpUseCoreSubscriptionNaming()
        Returns if to use Core subscription naming for AMQP.
      • setAmqpUseCoreSubscriptionNaming

        Configuration setAmqpUseCoreSubscriptionNaming​(boolean amqpUseCoreSubscriptionNaming)
        Sets if to use Core subscription naming for AMQP.
      • setEnabledAsyncConnectionExecution

        Configuration setEnabledAsyncConnectionExecution​(boolean enabled)
        Sets whether code coming from connection is executed asynchronously or not.
      • getAcceptorConfigurations

        Set<TransportConfiguration> getAcceptorConfigurations()
        Returns the acceptors configured for this server.
      • clearAcceptorConfigurations

        Configuration clearAcceptorConfigurations()
      • clearConnectorConfigurations

        Configuration clearConnectorConfigurations()
      • getBroadcastGroupConfigurations

        List<BroadcastGroupConfiguration> getBroadcastGroupConfigurations()
        Returns the broadcast groups configured for this server.
      • getGroupingHandlerConfiguration getGroupingHandlerConfiguration()
        Returns the grouping handler configured for this server.
      • setGroupingHandlerConfiguration

        Configuration setGroupingHandlerConfiguration​( groupingHandlerConfiguration)
        Sets the grouping handler configured for this server.
      • getBridgeConfigurations

        List<BridgeConfiguration> getBridgeConfigurations()
        Returns the bridges configured for this server.
      • getDivertConfigurations

        List<DivertConfiguration> getDivertConfigurations()
        Returns the diverts configured for this server.
      • clearClusterConfigurations

        Configuration clearClusterConfigurations()
      • setAMQPConnectionConfigurations

        Configuration setAMQPConnectionConfigurations​(List<AMQPBrokerConnectConfiguration> amqpConnectionConfiugrations)
        Quick set of all AMQP connection configurations in one call which will clear all previously set or added broker configurations.
        amqpConnectionConfiugrations - A list of AMQP broker connection configurations to assign to the broker.
        this configuration object.
      • clearAMQPConnectionConfigurations

        Configuration clearAMQPConnectionConfigurations()
        Clears the current configuration object of all set or added AMQP connection configuration elements.
        this configuration object.
      • setManagementAddress

        Configuration setManagementAddress​(SimpleString address)
        Sets the management address of this server.
      • setManagementNotificationAddress

        Configuration setManagementNotificationAddress​(SimpleString address)
        Sets the management notification address of this server.
      • setClusterUser

        Configuration setClusterUser​(String user)
        Sets the cluster user for this server.
      • setClusterPassword

        Configuration setClusterPassword​(String password)
        Sets the cluster password for this server.
      • setIDCacheSize

        Configuration setIDCacheSize​(int idCacheSize)
        Sets the size of the cache for pre-creating message IDs.
      • setPersistIDCache

        Configuration setPersistIDCache​(boolean persist)
        Sets whether message ID cache is persisted.
      • getBindingsLocation

        File getBindingsLocation()
        The binding location related to artemis.instance.
      • setBindingsDirectory

        Configuration setBindingsDirectory​(String dir)
        Sets the file system directory used to store bindings.
      • setPageMaxConcurrentIO

        Configuration setPageMaxConcurrentIO​(int maxIO)
        The max number of concurrent reads allowed on paging.

        Default = 5

      • setReadWholePage

        Configuration setReadWholePage​(boolean read)
        Sets whether the whole page is read while getting message after page cache is evicted.
      • getJournalLocation

        File getJournalLocation()
        The location of the journal related to artemis.instance.
      • getNodeManagerLockLocation

        File getNodeManagerLockLocation()
        The location of the node manager lock file related to artemis.instance.
      • setNodeManagerLockDirectory

        Configuration setNodeManagerLockDirectory​(String dir)
        Sets the file system directory used to store the node manager lock file.
      • getNodeManagerLockDirectory

        String getNodeManagerLockDirectory()
        the directory that contains the lock file
        the directory
      • setJournalDirectory

        Configuration setJournalDirectory​(String dir)
        Sets the file system directory used to store journal log.
      • getJournalRetentionDirectory

        String getJournalRetentionDirectory()
      • setJournalRetentionDirectory

        Configuration setJournalRetentionDirectory​(String dir)
        Sets the file system directory used to store historical backup journal.
      • getJournalRetentionLocation

        File getJournalRetentionLocation()
      • getJournalRetentionPeriod

        long getJournalRetentionPeriod()
        The retention period for the journal in milliseconds (always in milliseconds, a conversion is performed on set)
      • getJournalRetentionMaxBytes

        long getJournalRetentionMaxBytes()
      • setJournalRetentionMaxBytes

        Configuration setJournalRetentionMaxBytes​(long bytes)
      • getJournalType

        org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.server.JournalType getJournalType()
        Returns the type of journal used by this server (NIO, ASYNCIO or MAPPED).
        Default value is ASYNCIO.
      • setJournalType

        Configuration setJournalType​(org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.server.JournalType type)
        Sets the type of journal used by this server (either NIO or ASYNCIO).
      • setJournalSyncTransactional

        Configuration setJournalSyncTransactional​(boolean sync)
        Sets whether the journal is synchronized when receiving transactional data.
      • setJournalSyncNonTransactional

        Configuration setJournalSyncNonTransactional​(boolean sync)
        Sets whether the journal is synchronized when receiving non-transactional data.
      • setJournalFileSize

        Configuration setJournalFileSize​(int size)
        Sets the size (in bytes) of each journal files.
      • setJournalCompactMinFiles

        Configuration setJournalCompactMinFiles​(int minFiles)
        Sets the minimal number of journal files before compacting.
      • getJournalFileOpenTimeout

        int getJournalFileOpenTimeout()
        How long to wait when opening a new Journal file before failing
      • setJournalFileOpenTimeout

        Configuration setJournalFileOpenTimeout​(int journalFileOpenTimeout)
        Sets the journal file open timeout
      • setJournalCompactPercentage

        Configuration setJournalCompactPercentage​(int percentage)
        Sets the percentage of live data before compacting the journal.
      • setJournalMinFiles

        Configuration setJournalMinFiles​(int files)
        Sets the number of journal files to pre-create.
      • setJournalMaxIO_AIO

        Configuration setJournalMaxIO_AIO​(int journalMaxIO)
        Sets the maximum number of write requests that can be in the AIO queue at any given time.
      • getJournalBufferTimeout_AIO

        int getJournalBufferTimeout_AIO()
        Returns the timeout (in nanoseconds) used to flush buffers in the AIO queue.
        Default value is ArtemisConstants.DEFAULT_JOURNAL_BUFFER_TIMEOUT_AIO.
      • setJournalBufferTimeout_AIO

        Configuration setJournalBufferTimeout_AIO​(int journalBufferTimeout)
        Sets the timeout (in nanoseconds) used to flush buffers in the AIO queue.
      • getJournalDeviceBlockSize

        Integer getJournalDeviceBlockSize()
        This is the device block size used on writing. This is usually translated as st_blksize from fstat. returning null mans the system should instead make a call on fstat and use st_blksize. The intention of this setting was to bypass the value in certain devices that will return a huge number as their block size (e.g. CephFS)
      • getJournalBufferSize_AIO

        int getJournalBufferSize_AIO()
        Returns the buffer size (in bytes) for AIO.
        Default value is ArtemisConstants.DEFAULT_JOURNAL_BUFFER_SIZE_AIO.
      • setJournalBufferSize_AIO

        Configuration setJournalBufferSize_AIO​(int journalBufferSize)
        Sets the buffer size (in bytes) for AIO.
      • setJournalMaxIO_NIO

        Configuration setJournalMaxIO_NIO​(int journalMaxIO)
        Sets the maximum number of write requests for NIO journal.
      • getJournalBufferTimeout_NIO

        int getJournalBufferTimeout_NIO()
        Returns the timeout (in nanoseconds) used to flush buffers in the NIO.
        Default value is ArtemisConstants.DEFAULT_JOURNAL_BUFFER_TIMEOUT_NIO.
      • setJournalBufferTimeout_NIO

        Configuration setJournalBufferTimeout_NIO​(int journalBufferTimeout)
        Sets the timeout (in nanoseconds) used to flush buffers in the NIO.
      • getJournalBufferSize_NIO

        int getJournalBufferSize_NIO()
        Returns the buffer size (in bytes) for NIO.
        Default value is ArtemisConstants.DEFAULT_JOURNAL_BUFFER_SIZE_NIO.
      • setJournalBufferSize_NIO

        Configuration setJournalBufferSize_NIO​(int journalBufferSize)
        Sets the buffer size (in bytes) for NIO.
      • setJournalMaxAtticFiles

        Configuration setJournalMaxAtticFiles​(int maxAtticFiles)
        Sets the maximal number of data files before we can start deleting corrupted files instead of moving them to attic.
      • setCreateBindingsDir

        Configuration setCreateBindingsDir​(boolean create)
        Sets whether the bindings directory is created on this server startup.
      • setCreateJournalDir

        Configuration setCreateJournalDir​(boolean create)
        Sets whether the journal directory is created on this server startup.
      • isLogJournalWriteRate

        boolean isLogJournalWriteRate()
      • setLogJournalWriteRate

        Configuration setLogJournalWriteRate​(boolean rate)
      • getServerDumpInterval

        long getServerDumpInterval()
      • setServerDumpInterval

        Configuration setServerDumpInterval​(long interval)
      • getMemoryWarningThreshold

        int getMemoryWarningThreshold()
      • setMemoryWarningThreshold

        Configuration setMemoryWarningThreshold​(int memoryWarningThreshold)
      • getMemoryMeasureInterval

        long getMemoryMeasureInterval()
      • setMemoryMeasureInterval

        Configuration setMemoryMeasureInterval​(long memoryMeasureInterval)
      • setPagingDirectory

        Configuration setPagingDirectory​(String dir)
        Sets the file system directory used to store paging files.
      • getPagingLocation

        File getPagingLocation()
        The paging location related to artemis.instance
      • getLargeMessagesLocation

        File getLargeMessagesLocation()
        The large message location related to artemis.instance
      • setLargeMessagesDirectory

        Configuration setLargeMessagesDirectory​(String directory)
        Sets the file system directory used to store large messages.
      • setWildcardRoutingEnabled

        Configuration setWildcardRoutingEnabled​(boolean enabled)
        Sets whether wildcard routing is supported by this server.
      • setTransactionTimeout

        Configuration setTransactionTimeout​(long timeout)
        Sets the timeout (in milliseconds) after which transactions is removed from the resource manager after it was created.
      • setMessageCounterEnabled

        Configuration setMessageCounterEnabled​(boolean enabled)
        Sets whether message counter is enabled for this server.
      • setMessageCounterSamplePeriod

        Configuration setMessageCounterSamplePeriod​(long period)
        Sets the sample period to take message counter snapshot.
        period - value must be greater than 1000ms
      • setMessageCounterMaxDayHistory

        Configuration setMessageCounterMaxDayHistory​(int maxDayHistory)
        Sets the maximum number of days kept in memory for message counter.
        maxDayHistory - value must be greater than 0
      • setTransactionTimeoutScanPeriod

        Configuration setTransactionTimeoutScanPeriod​(long period)
        Sets the frequency (in milliseconds) to scan transactions to detect which transactions have timed out.
      • setMessageExpiryScanPeriod

        Configuration setMessageExpiryScanPeriod​(long messageExpiryScanPeriod)
        Sets the frequency (in milliseconds) to scan messages to detect which messages have expired.
      • setMessageExpiryThreadPriority

        Configuration setMessageExpiryThreadPriority​(int messageExpiryThreadPriority)
        Sets the priority of the thread used to scan message expiration.
      • setAddressQueueScanPeriod

        Configuration setAddressQueueScanPeriod​(long addressQueueScanPeriod)
        Sets the frequency (in milliseconds) to scan addresses and queues to detect which ones should be deleted.
      • getAddressSettings

        Map<String,​org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.settings.impl.AddressSettings> getAddressSettings()
        A list of AddressSettings per matching to be deployed to the address settings repository
      • setAddressSettings

        Configuration setAddressSettings​(Map<String,​org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.settings.impl.AddressSettings> addressSettings)
        addressSettings - list of AddressSettings per matching to be deployed to the address settings repository
      • addAddressSetting

        Configuration addAddressSetting​(String key,
                                        org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.settings.impl.AddressSettings addressesSetting)
      • getAddressesSettings

        Map<String,​org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.settings.impl.AddressSettings> getAddressesSettings()
      • setAddressesSettings

        Configuration setAddressesSettings​(Map<String,​org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.settings.impl.AddressSettings> addressesSettings)
      • addAddressesSetting

        Configuration addAddressesSetting​(String key,
                                          org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.settings.impl.AddressSettings addressesSetting)
      • setSecurityRoles

        Configuration setSecurityRoles​(Map<String,​Set<>> roles)
        roles - a list of roles per matching
      • getSecurityRoles

        Map<String,​Set<>> getSecurityRoles()
        a list of roles per matching
      • putSecurityRoles

        Configuration putSecurityRoles​(String match,
                                       Set<> roles)
      • setSecuritySettingPlugins

        Configuration setSecuritySettingPlugins​(List<org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.server.SecuritySettingPlugin> plugins)
      • addSecuritySettingPlugin

        Configuration addSecuritySettingPlugin​(org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.server.SecuritySettingPlugin plugin)
      • setMetricsPlugin

        Configuration setMetricsPlugin​(org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.server.metrics.ActiveMQMetricsPlugin plugin)
      • getSecuritySettingPlugins

        List<org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.server.SecuritySettingPlugin> getSecuritySettingPlugins()
      • getMetricsPlugin

        org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.server.metrics.ActiveMQMetricsPlugin getMetricsPlugin()
      • setPasswordCodec

        Configuration setPasswordCodec​(String codec)
        The default password decoder
      • getPasswordCodec

        String getPasswordCodec()
        Gets the default password decoder
      • setMaskPassword

        Configuration setMaskPassword​(Boolean maskPassword)
        Sets if passwords should be masked or not. True means the passwords should be masked.
      • isMaskPassword

        Boolean isMaskPassword()
        If passwords are masked. True means the passwords are masked.enableda
      • setResolveProtocols

        Configuration setResolveProtocols​(boolean resolveProtocols)
      • isResolveProtocols

        boolean isResolveProtocols()
      • setJournalLockAcquisitionTimeout

        Configuration setJournalLockAcquisitionTimeout​(long journalLockAcquisitionTimeout)
      • getJournalLockAcquisitionTimeout

        long getJournalLockAcquisitionTimeout()
      • setBrokerInstance

        void setBrokerInstance​(File directory)
        Set the Artemis instance relative folder for data and stuff.
      • getBrokerInstance

        File getBrokerInstance()
        Set the Artemis instance relative folder for data and stuff.
      • isJDBC

        default boolean isJDBC()
      • isPopulateValidatedUser

        boolean isPopulateValidatedUser()
      • setPopulateValidatedUser

        Configuration setPopulateValidatedUser​(boolean populateValidatedUser)
      • isRejectEmptyValidatedUser

        boolean isRejectEmptyValidatedUser()
      • setRejectEmptyValidatedUser

        Configuration setRejectEmptyValidatedUser​(boolean rejectEmptyValidatedUser)
      • debugConnectors

        String debugConnectors()
        It will return all the connectors in a toString manner for debug purposes.
      • setConnectionTtlCheckInterval

        Configuration setConnectionTtlCheckInterval​(long connectionTtlCheckInterval)
      • getConnectionTtlCheckInterval

        long getConnectionTtlCheckInterval()
      • getConfigurationUrl

        URL getConfigurationUrl()
      • setConfigurationUrl

        Configuration setConfigurationUrl​(URL configurationUrl)
      • getConfigurationFileRefreshPeriod

        long getConfigurationFileRefreshPeriod()
      • setConfigurationFileRefreshPeriod

        Configuration setConfigurationFileRefreshPeriod​(long configurationFileRefreshPeriod)
      • getGlobalMaxSize

        long getGlobalMaxSize()
      • setGlobalMaxSize

        Configuration setGlobalMaxSize​(long globalMaxSize)
      • setGlobalMaxMessages

        Configuration setGlobalMaxMessages​(long globalMaxMessages)
      • getGlobalMaxMessages

        long getGlobalMaxMessages()
      • getMaxDiskUsage

        int getMaxDiskUsage()
      • setMaxDiskUsage

        Configuration setMaxDiskUsage​(int maxDiskUsage)
      • getMinDiskFree

        long getMinDiskFree()
      • setMinDiskFree

        Configuration setMinDiskFree​(long minDiskFree)
      • setInternalNamingPrefix

        org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.config.impl.ConfigurationImpl setInternalNamingPrefix​(String internalNamingPrefix)
      • setDiskScanPeriod

        Configuration setDiskScanPeriod​(int diskScanPeriod)
      • getDiskScanPeriod

        int getDiskScanPeriod()
      • setNetworkCheckList

        Configuration setNetworkCheckList​(String list)
        A comma separated list of IPs we could use to validate if the network is UP. In case of none of these Ips are reached (if configured) the server will be shutdown.
      • getNetworkCheckList

        String getNetworkCheckList()
      • setNetworkCheckURLList

        Configuration setNetworkCheckURLList​(String uris)
        A comma separated list of URIs we could use to validate if the network is UP. In case of none of these Ips are reached (if configured) the server will be shutdown. The difference from networkCheckList is that we will use HTTP to make this validation.
      • getNetworkCheckURLList

        String getNetworkCheckURLList()
      • setNetworkCheckPeriod

        Configuration setNetworkCheckPeriod​(long period)
        The interval on which we will perform network checks.
      • getNetworkCheckPeriod

        long getNetworkCheckPeriod()
      • setNetworkCheckTimeout

        Configuration setNetworkCheckTimeout​(int timeout)
        Time in ms for how long we should wait for a ping to finish.
      • getNetworkCheckTimeout

        int getNetworkCheckTimeout()
      • setNetworkCheckNIC

        Configuration setNetworkCheckNIC​(String nic)
        The NIC name to be used on network checks
      • getNetworkCheckNIC

        String getNetworkCheckNIC()
      • getNetworkCheckPingCommand

        String getNetworkCheckPingCommand()
      • getNetworkCheckPing6Command

        String getNetworkCheckPing6Command()
      • getInternalNamingPrefix

        String getInternalNamingPrefix()
      • getPageSyncTimeout

        int getPageSyncTimeout()
        Returns the timeout (in nanoseconds) used to sync pages.
        Default value is ArtemisConstants.DEFAULT_JOURNAL_BUFFER_TIMEOUT_NIO.
      • setPageSyncTimeout

        Configuration setPageSyncTimeout​(int pageSyncTimeout)
        Sets the timeout (in nanoseconds) used to sync pages.
      • getTemporaryQueueNamespace

        String getTemporaryQueueNamespace()
      • setTemporaryQueueNamespace

        Configuration setTemporaryQueueNamespace​(String temporaryQueueNamespace)
      • setMqttSessionScanInterval

        Configuration setMqttSessionScanInterval​(long mqttSessionScanInterval)
        This is necessary because the MQTT session scan interval is a broker-wide setting and can't be set on a per-connector basis like most of the other MQTT-specific settings.
      • setMqttSessionStatePersistenceTimeout

        Configuration setMqttSessionStatePersistenceTimeout​(long mqttSessionStatePersistenceTimeout)
        This is necessary because MQTT sessions and handled on a broker-wide basis so this can't be set on a per-connector basis like most of the other MQTT-specific settings.
      • setSuppressSessionNotifications

        Configuration setSuppressSessionNotifications​(boolean suppressSessionNotifications)
      • resolvePropertiesSources

        default String resolvePropertiesSources​(String propertiesFileUrl)
      • getStatus

        String getStatus()
      • setStatus

        void setStatus​(String status)
        This value can reflect a desired state (revision) of config. Useful when configurationFileRefreshPeriod > 0. Eventually with some coordination we can update it from various server components.
      • getLiteralMatchMarkers

        String getLiteralMatchMarkers()
      • setLargeMessageSync

        Configuration setLargeMessageSync​(boolean largeMessageSync)
      • isLargeMessageSync

        boolean isLargeMessageSync()
      • getViewPermissionMethodMatchPattern

        String getViewPermissionMethodMatchPattern()
      • setViewPermissionMethodMatchPattern

        void setViewPermissionMethodMatchPattern​(String permissionMatchPattern)
      • isManagementMessageRbac

        boolean isManagementMessageRbac()
      • setManagementMessageRbac

        void setManagementMessageRbac​(boolean val)
      • getManagementRbacPrefix

        String getManagementRbacPrefix()
      • setManagementRbacPrefix

        void setManagementRbacPrefix​(String prefix)
      • getMirrorAckManagerQueueAttempts

        int getMirrorAckManagerQueueAttempts()
        This configures the Mirror Ack Manager number of attempts on queues before trying page acks. The default value here is 5.
      • setMirrorAckManagerQueueAttempts

        Configuration setMirrorAckManagerQueueAttempts​(int queueAttempts)
      • getMirrorAckManagerPageAttempts

        int getMirrorAckManagerPageAttempts()
        This configures the Mirror Ack Manager number of attempts on page acks. The default value here is 2.
      • setMirrorAckManagerPageAttempts

        Configuration setMirrorAckManagerPageAttempts​(int pageAttempts)
      • getMirrorAckManagerRetryDelay

        int getMirrorAckManagerRetryDelay()
        This configures the interval in which the Mirror AckManager will retry acks when It is not intended to be configured through the XML. The default value here is 100, and this is in milliseconds.
      • setMirrorAckManagerRetryDelay

        Configuration setMirrorAckManagerRetryDelay​(int delay)
      • isMirrorPageTransaction

        boolean isMirrorPageTransaction()
        Should Mirror use Page Transactions When target destinations is paging? When a target queue on the mirror is paged, the mirror will not record a page transaction for every message. The default is false, and the overhead of paged messages will be smaller, but there is a possibility of eventual duplicates in case of interrupted communication between the mirror source and target. If you set this to true there will be a record stored on the journal for the page-transaction additionally to the record in the page store.
      • setMirrorPageTransaction

        Configuration setMirrorPageTransaction​(boolean ignorePageTransactions)