ActiveMQ Artemis

The Next Generation Message Broker by ActiveMQ

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Power Your Microservices
High-performance Messaging for Highly Scalable Microservices

Microservices are often implemented with HTTP using a "blocking" request-response pattern. This pattern can yield good latency in low throughput use-cases. However, patterns based on eventing and asynchronous messaging can deliver superior scalability and overall lower latency in high throughput use-cases. With potential throughput measured in the millions of messages per second, ActiveMQ Artemis has the performance and feature-set to bring these gains to your applications.

Easy Docker Creation
Create Docker Images to Simplify Deployment

Containers are a powerful technology you can use to simplify deployment in any environment (dev, test, prod, etc.). ActiveMQ Artemis provides a few simple scripts to get rolling with Docker.

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Advanced Journal Implementations
Flexible and Fast Message Persistence

The ActiveMQ Artemis append-only journal comes in several different flavors. For the ultimate in performance and reliability AIO on Linux is supported via a small JNI library. For even better performance with a slight decrease in reliability in the case of hardware failure a Memory Mapped option is available. If neither of these options is suitable then a speedy Java NIO implementation is available. Lastly, for use-cases where a database is preferred and high-performance isn't a priority then JDBC is an option.

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Guide for Migration to ActiveMQ Artemis
Easily migrate from ActiveMQ 5

ActiveMQ Artemis has analogues to all of the ActiveMQ 5 core features and full support for the ActiveMQ 5 OpenWire protocol.

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