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Whether you have a simple question about configuration, a use-case you’re confused about, a new feature you want to discuss, etc. the community is here to help.

If you’re fairly certain you’re hitting a bug please report it via one of our issue trackers.

Mailing Lists

The best way to contact folks in the community is by using one of the mailing lists.

  • Users: for users configuring & managing an ActiveMQ broker as well as messaging application developers
  • Dev: for developers working directly on one of the ActiveMQ code-bases

To subscribe to or unsubscribe from a list simply:

  1. Send a blank email to the appropriate address (see below).
  2. The automated mailing list manager will send an reply (either a confirmation request or an error message, e.g. if you are not subscribed).
  3. Reply to the confirmation message.

List Subscribe Unsubscribe Web Interface Archives
Users Apache Apache, Markmail
Dev Apache Apache, Markmail

Mailing list participants are expected to abide by the well-established rules of “netiquette,” as well as the ASF’s published Code of Conduct.

Please read these tips for email contributors, especially if you’re not getting the support you expect.

If you’re curious you can read more about how these lists work at Apache.


If for some reason a mailing list doesn’t work for you then you can potentially chat with other community members in real-time using Slack. Access to the ASF Slack requires an invitation. If you want an invitation to the ActiveMQ Slack channel simply send a request to the users mailing list.

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