There are many ways you can help make ActiveMQ a better piece of software - please dive in and help!

  • If you have a problem with the software or the documentation the first thing you might consider is asking a question.
  • If you think you’ve hit a bug or want to request a new feature feel free to open an issue in one of our trackers.
  • If you’re already familiar with an ActiveMQ component then join a mailing list and help answers questions from the community.


If anything in any component’s documentation is confusing or not clear please let us know.


If you want to get your hands on the code here are the repos for all our components. It’s typically best to use the GitHub mirror as that will allow you to easily send pull requests which can be reviewed by project committers and merged.

Component Apache Git Repository GitHub Mirror
Classic activemq activemq
Artemis activemq-artemis activemq-artemis
Artemis Native activemq-artemis-native activemq-artemis-native
NMS API activemq-nms-api activemq-nms-api
NMS AMQP activemq-nms-amqp activemq-nms-amqp
NMS EMS activemq-nms-ems activemq-nms-ems
NMS OpenWire activemq-nms-openwire activemq-nms-openwire
NMS MSMQ activemq-nms-msmq activemq-nms-msmq
NMS STOMP activemq-nms-stomp activemq-nms-stomp
NMS XMS activemq-nms-xms activemq-nms-xms
NMS ZMQ activemq-nms-zmq activemq-nms-zmq
CLI Tools activemq-cli-tools activemq-cli-tools
CPP activemq-cpp activemq-cpp
Website activemq-website activemq-website

Becoming a commmitter

If you’re interested in becoming a “committer” please check out this this guide from Apache.

Mailing Lists for Development Updates

List Subscribe Unsubscribe Archives Summary
Commits Apache, Apache 2, Markmail notifications when the project source code gets updated
Gitbox Apache, Apache 2, Markmail comments and other events for pull-requests

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