ActiveMQ Artemis 2.11.0 Release Notes

A complete list of JIRAs for the 2.11.0 release can be found here

A list of commits can be found here.

Release Notes - ActiveMQ Artemis - Version 2.11.0


  • [ARTEMIS-2421] - Implement periodic journal lock evaluation
  • [ARTEMIS-2466] - PageSyncTimer::timeSync isn’t configurable using ASYNCIO journal
  • [ARTEMIS-2494] - Artemis responds with disposition Rejected if queue is full
  • [ARTEMIS-2497] - Allow configuring alternative reject behavior for AMQP
  • [ARTEMIS-2500] - LargeMessage doesn’t make a full copy of its props
  • [ARTEMIS-2505] - Unable to configure address-settings/max-size-bytes-reject-threshold
  • [ARTEMIS-2506] - MQTT doesn’t cleanup underlying connection for bad clients
  • [ARTEMIS-2508] - Crititical analyser trigger shutdown if removeAllMessages
  • [ARTEMIS-2513] - Large message’s copy may be interfered by other threads
  • [ARTEMIS-2514] - Duplicate cache leak with clustered temp queues
  • [ARTEMIS-2517] - JMX Server is stopped after a failback
  • [ARTEMIS-2519] - ActiveMQUnexpectedRoutingTypeForAddress uses wrong enum type
  • [ARTEMIS-2521] - Role-mapping not described in documentation
  • [ARTEMIS-2526] - ActiveMQServerQueuePlugin calls wrong beforeDestroyQueue method
  • [ARTEMIS-2527] - Print-data may leave thread hanging when there’s paged data
  • [ARTEMIS-2529] - Update address-settings management
  • [ARTEMIS-2531] - FederatedQueue has invalid filter string leading to an infinite consumer loop
  • [ARTEMIS-2534] - Deleting addresses auto created on configuration reload
  • [ARTEMIS-2538] - Removing all messages from a huge queue causes OOM
  • [ARTEMIS-2550] - Unsupported STOMP Websocket Continuation Frames
  • [ARTEMIS-2554] - Queue control browse broken with large messages
  • [ARTEMIS-2560] - Duplicate messages created by cluster lead to OOME crash
  • [ARTEMIS-2564] - Possible durable message count error with retryMessages()
  • [ARTEMIS-2566] - Thread safety in the Client InitialContext
  • [ARTEMIS-2567] - Shared-store failback broken on NFS
  • [ARTEMIS-2570] - Very slow loading of Connections view
  • [ARTEMIS-2572] - The retryMessages remove all paged messages
  • [ARTEMIS-2577] - Thread leak test failure with IBM JRE
  • [ARTEMIS-2583] - Message permanently in “delivering” state if a JMS XA client crashes
  • [ARTEMIS-2592] - Purge Queues can lead to deadLock if paging and depaging happening at the same time.
  • [ARTEMIS-2593] - Thread leak test failure with OpenJ9 JVM

New Feature

  • [ARTEMIS-2504] - Support retroactive addresses
  • [ARTEMIS-2540] - Display LargeMessage column in message browser of admin UI
  • [ARTEMIS-2541] - Improve rendering in message browser of Admin UI
  • [ARTEMIS-2549] - Add support for Downstream Federated Queues and Addresses
  • [ARTEMIS-2574] - Make security manager configurable via XML
  • [ARTEMIS-2580] - Support pluggable SSL TrustManagerFactory


  • [ARTEMIS-2503] - Improve wildcards for the roles access match
  • [ARTEMIS-2509] - Better legacy support for legacy openwire clients
  • [ARTEMIS-2512] - Move the LocalMonitor tick log
  • [ARTEMIS-2515] - pageIterator.hasNext spends too much time in the case of no messages matched
  • [ARTEMIS-2516] - Support system property in xinclude href
  • [ARTEMIS-2524] - Remove message from map in LVQ if it’s deleted/moved/expired/changed
  • [ARTEMIS-2535] - Add option to ignore PartialResultExceptions in LDAP searches
  • [ARTEMIS-2558] - Add the commented out args to dump the java heap on OOME
  • [ARTEMIS-2559] - Connection failure should rollback XA transactions if != Prepared
  • [ARTEMIS-2565] - Add plugin support for Federated Queues/Addresses
  • [ARTEMIS-2573] - io.netty:netty-tcnative-boringssl-static should be removed from distribution
  • [ARTEMIS-2578] - Clarify storage capacity messages
  • [ARTEMIS-2579] - [DOC] How to use custom logging handlers
  • [ARTEMIS-2581] - Make Duplicate Detection Optional on AMQP, default=true
  • [ARTEMIS-2584] - Optimize PageTransactionInfoImpl in-memory size
  • [ARTEMIS-2585] - Remove nested quotes from artemis.profile
  • [ARTEMIS-2590] - Support in LDAPLoginModule
  • [ARTEMIS-2591] - Add details to consumer lock timeout log


  • [ARTEMIS-2569] - LinkedListImpl tests should not rely on the GC mechanism


  • [ARTEMIS-2523] - Deprecate the parameter failoverOnInitialConnection
  • [ARTEMIS-2530] - Upgrade to artemis native 1.0.1
  • [ARTEMIS-2547] - AMQP Client reconnect fails on broker stop start
  • [ARTEMIS-2557] - Don’t export openwire-protocol JMS spec dependency
  • [ARTEMIS-2423] - Explain in documentation that auto-create-addresses/queues doesn’t work for core protocol

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