ActiveMQ Artemis 2.27.1 Release Notes

Note: This release requires use of Java 11 or above.


  • [ARTEMIS-4030] - AMQ222010 (No such file or directory) during startup
  • [ARTEMIS-4078] - Divert filter not added/updated/removed on configuration change
  • [ARTEMIS-4083] - when artemis streaming enabled then artemis-core client is not closing inputstream for Bytes message, blocking deletion of file after its processed in windows
  • [ARTEMIS-4084] - Rollbacking massive amounts of messages might crash broker
  • [ARTEMIS-4085] - Exclusive LVQ not working as expected
  • [ARTEMIS-4089] - Auto-deleted queue with active producer leaves producer disabled (or impotent)
  • [ARTEMIS-4092] - ./artemis upgrade backup is not created properly / incomplete
  • [ARTEMIS-4096] - AMQP Large Messages can be lost when sent through Clustered or Bridge

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