ActiveMQ Artemis 2.30.0 Release Notes

Note: This release requires use of Java 11 or above.

Bugs Fixed

  • ARTEMIS-4095 - OpenWire clients are unable to consume from mutlicast queue after 2nd paging
  • ARTEMIS-4184 - Bidges with concurrency not checked/cleared properly on config reload
  • ARTEMIS-4311 - Strange typo propagated throughout the codebase: “Mesasge”
  • ARTEMIS-4315 - Incorrect validation for page-limit settings
  • ARTEMIS-4316 - Example HTML does not render correctly
  • ARTEMIS-4319 - Mitigate NPE in paging log statement
  • ARTEMIS-4322 - BundleFactory should use PrivilegedAction
  • ARTEMIS-4328 - Test can hang indefinitely
  • ARTEMIS-4338 - STOMP inoperable w/resource audit logging enabled
  • ARTEMIS-4340 - fix artemis-journal ThreadLocalByteBufferPool.borrow zeroing
  • ARTEMIS-4351 - unnecessary web console logging on impatient jolokia client
  • ARTEMIS-4354 - Update the recovery XAResource underlying session
  • ARTEMIS-4356 - address match with wildcards seems to be broken
  • ARTEMIS-4365 - MQTT retain flag not set correctly
  • ARTEMIS-4366 - Addresses with multiple subscriptions are not working with Mirroring


  • ARTEMIS-4310 - Smaller Container / Dockerfile based on Alpine
  • ARTEMIS-4314 - Queue Federation, support consumerWindowSize zero and federate in batches only when the local queue is has excess capacity
  • ARTEMIS-4332 - Add management method to close stuck server sessions
  • ARTEMIS-4348 - CLI Abstract Connector should parse connectors if can’t find acceptor on broker.xml
  • ARTEMIS-4362 - Produce a logger when consumers are holding too many messages not allowing deposing


  • ARTEMIS-4329 - dont [over]write RAT output in source tree root, use standard output location
  • ARTEMIS-4333 - Document web SNI settings
  • ARTEMIS-4334 - tidyup around artemis-website module used to generate docs for website
  • ARTEMIS-4341 - Refactor JavaDoc generation
  • ARTEMIS-4346 - move stomp test-client into systest support module
  • ARTEMIS-4353 - Clean up Maven dependencies
  • ARTEMIS-4357 - Replace Logger.unableToFindTargetQueue (LoggerID 222188) by a logger.debug
  • ARTEMIS-4360 - Make compatibility-tests opt in with -Pcompatibility-tests

Dependency Upgrades

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