ActiveMQ Artemis 2.32.0 Release Notes

Note: This release requires use of Java 11 or above.

Bugs Fixed

  • ARTEMIS-3831 - Scale-down fails when using same discovery-group used by Broker cluster connection
  • ARTEMIS-4436 - Artemis is logging warnings during clean shutdown of server in cluster
  • ARTEMIS-4470 - Add documentation about calling reencode on AMQP Interceptors or anything on server’s side
  • ARTEMIS-4480 - exclusiveConsumer release needs an operation context completion callbacks to ensure isolation for delivered and transacted messages
  • ARTEMIS-4483 - Log.warn messages with AMQP during regular closing of AMQP clients.
  • ARTEMIS-4486 - update metrics documentation
  • ARTEMIS-4499 - ThreadCreateAction won’t work properly with SecurityManager
  • ARTEMIS-4504 - running examples creates unexpected dirs/files (or shows failure trying)
  • ARTEMIS-4506 - Restore MQTT subscription queue name syntax
  • ARTEMIS-4507 - Make critical analyzer logging consistent
  • ARTEMIS-4508 - The recovery connection factory ignores useTopologyForLoadBalancing
  • ARTEMIS-4512 - JMS queue consumer can mistakenly connect to multicast queue
  • ARTEMIS-4513 - HTTP request logging not working
  • ARTEMIS-4515 - Setting web request log using system properties not working
  • ARTEMIS-4517 - rollback causes loss of message order if concurrent producers commit out of order
  • ARTEMIS-4518 - Exclude slf4j-api from activemq-client to prevent java.lang.LinkageError during artemis-jms-bridge.war deployment
  • ARTEMIS-4520 - JMSContext.acknowledge() doesn’t work if last message received is null
  • ARTEMIS-4521 - Deleting divert using management API doesn’t remove binding from journal
  • ARTEMIS-4523 - Failover leaving consumers and producers behind
  • ARTEMIS-4529 - NPE with empty core message and STOMP consumer
  • ARTEMIS-4535 - invalid filter in GUI gives large stack-trace in logfile
  • ARTEMIS-4537 - Address setting matches with wildcard are not idempotent
  • ARTEMIS-4540 - Validate MQTT session state data
  • ARTEMIS-4542 - Improve MQTT state storage
  • ARTEMIS-4543 - Journal Sync in NIO not scalling
  • ARTEMIS-4544 - Option to not sync large messages
  • ARTEMIS-4547 - empty message shows “Unsupported message body type which cannot be displayed by hawtio”
  • ARTEMIS-4549 - confirmation for delete/purge-queue mention “address” instead of “queue”
  • ARTEMIS-4551 - Interceptor client example should not depend on interceptor example
  • ARTEMIS-4558 - AMQP Mirror ACKS should be idempotent
  • ARTEMIS-4560 - Wrong default on BridgeConfiguration options when using broker properties
  • ARTEMIS-4563 - Auto created addresses are not removed upon restart
  • ARTEMIS-4564 - Large Message files left over in case of duplicate detection and Mirror
  • ARTEMIS-4565 - ‘artemis help’ shows wrong text for ‘queue’
  • ARTEMIS-4570 - filter not applied to all brokers in cluster
  • ARTEMIS-4571 - Race condition w/TTL impacting in-vm connections
  • ARTEMIS-4574 - Broker diagram no longer works
  • ARTEMIS-4576 - ServerSessionImpl#updateProducerMetrics access large messages after being routed
  • ARTEMIS-4577 - CONNECTION_CLOSED event is sent before deleting temporary resources
  • ARTEMIS-4580 - Security settings for FQQN not enforced on send
  • ARTEMIS-4581 - NullPointer exception on Queue scan Init
  • ARTEMIS-4584 - broker-connections TLS example reconnecting due to mismatched sender config

New Features

  • ARTEMIS-4452 - Allow to customize http header in http-upgrade request from Artemis
  • ARTEMIS-4488 - Support “literal” address setting match
  • ARTEMIS-4502 - Allow core messages to cross AMQP broker connection links without conversion
  • ARTEMIS-4516 - Support reloading connectors
  • ARTEMIS-4568 - Support reloading AMQP broker federation configuration


  • ARTEMIS-3932 - replace addAddressSettings with JSON param
  • ARTEMIS-4164 - Auto reload acceptor SSL keystores on change
  • ARTEMIS-4495 - Improve documentation on journal retention
  • ARTEMIS-4501 - Clean up MQTT subscription queues when session expires
  • ARTEMIS-4503 - Use BufferedOutputStream on Consumer –data output
  • ARTEMIS-4505 - Cleanup page transactions in case paged files were removed
  • ARTEMIS-4514 - Make Jetty thread pool configurable
  • ARTEMIS-4522 - Flow control may get delayed significantly on occupied pool
  • ARTEMIS-4525 - Deterministic webapp directory names
  • ARTEMIS-4528 - TLS support PEM format for key and trust store type
  • ARTEMIS-4536 - Imrpvoment JournalTransaction API
  • ARTEMIS-4541 - Clarify divert docs
  • ARTEMIS-4552 - Configure all connection-router settings by using broker properties
  • ARTEMIS-4557 - expose producer window size in clusterconnection JMX
  • ARTEMIS-4561 - allow key and trust store type to be configured on the web component
  • ARTEMIS-4566 - Allow management of Mirrored Internal Queue
  • ARTEMIS-4569 - Blocked Producers Memory Leaks
  • ARTEMIS-4575 - Don’t start all previous consumers when new consumer added


  • ARTEMIS-4526 - Move ShutdownOnCriticalIOErrorMoveNextTest into Isolated tests


  • ARTEMIS-3474 - Replace use of non-inclusive terms throughout source code, comments and documentation
  • ARTEMIS-4476 - Connection Failure Race Conditions in AMQP and Core
  • ARTEMIS-4492 - update logging docs to match current config
  • ARTEMIS-4509 - ActiveMQTestBase leak check should identify state clearly without need of logs
  • ARTEMIS-4511 - prevent MainTest failure causing knock-on failures in later tests
  • ARTEMIS-4530 - Clean up SessionCallback interface
  • ARTEMIS-4533 - Move the examples to their own repository
  • ARTEMIS-4538 - Make note around amqp broker-connection URI transport options more prominent
  • ARTEMIS-4539 - simplify various release process steps
  • ARTEMIS-4546 - Modernize Validators
  • ARTEMIS-4548 - Refactor MQTT tests
  • ARTEMIS-4554 - Upgrade to latest Java for Docker images
  • ARTEMIS-4556 - Support release of multi-platform Docker images
  • ARTEMIS-4567 - Support OpenWire clients for broker embedded in Jakarta environment

Dependency Upgrades

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