ActiveMQ Artemis 2.33.0 Release Notes

Note: This release requires use of Java 11 or above.

Bugs Fixed

  • ARTEMIS-4187 - SizeAwareMetric attribute inconsistency
  • ARTEMIS-4527 - Redistributor race when consumerCount reaches 0 in cluster
  • ARTEMIS-4532 - MQTT-to-core wildcard conversion is broken
  • ARTEMIS-4585 - Mirror may fail with previously created SNF queues if metrics plugin is in use
  • ARTEMIS-4588 - Queue Federation and large messages move slowdown
  • ARTEMIS-4626 - AMQP Federation demand tracking can overcount demand
  • ARTEMIS-4629 - Core bridge configuration validation errors
  • ARTEMIS-4638 - Remove bashism from install validation script
  • ARTEMIS-4639 - Artemis Cluster and NullpointerException in “sending topology”
  • ARTEMIS-4642 - AMQP Federation demand tracking can under count demand in some narrow cases
  • ARTEMIS-4646 - Unacknowledged MQTT message ID is reused after ID generator wraparound
  • ARTEMIS-4647 - Use specified call-timeout on backup connector
  • ARTEMIS-4649 - STOMP message IDs are not unique when same message is received on multiple subscriptions
  • ARTEMIS-4652 - Rollback of XAResource implementation should never return XA_RETRY
  • ARTEMIS-4664 - autoCreatedResource can get removed while receiving batch of messages
  • ARTEMIS-4668 - Move AMQP Large Message File Handling away from Netty thread
  • ARTEMIS-4670 - Slow performance with Core large messages and JDBC
  • ARTEMIS-4676 - Use ActionContext consistently for logging in CLI commands
  • ARTEMIS-4677 - Validate AutoCreate queues with Mirroring and Clustering
  • ARTEMIS-4678 - JDBC User and password is not used by CLI Exporter
  • ARTEMIS-4682 - JDBC Storage slow to reboot the server
  • ARTEMIS-4684 - Internal queues should not have message redistributed
  • ARTEMIS-4687 - Concurrent use of DocumentBuilder breaking Xpath filtering
  • ARTEMIS-4689 - Import command should accept URL
  • ARTEMIS-4691 - AMQ212037 warning when closing any in-vm connection
  • ARTEMIS-4695 - Fix a few bugs found via static analysis

New Features


  • ARTEMIS-1230 - Create Maven Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • ARTEMIS-4579 - Add the FirstMessage API for scheduled messages
  • ARTEMIS-4582 - add view and edit permissions to extend security-settings rbac for management operations
  • ARTEMIS-4586 - Auto reload web binding SSL stores on change
  • ARTEMIS-4587 - Config security setting plugins by using broker properties
  • ARTEMIS-4627 - Oracle tests now can use publicly “maven central” available JDBC drivers.
  • ARTEMIS-4637 - Allow unordered xml conf elements for clusters and bridges
  • ARTEMIS-4641 - Allow AMQP federation to recover from missing or removed resources
  • ARTEMIS-4651 - Performance improvements on Mirror and Paging
  • ARTEMIS-4653 - AMQP Federation should apply queue consumer filters for demand
  • ARTEMIS-4655 - Report logging metrics
  • ARTEMIS-4657 - Support better correlation ID compatibility between JMS clients
  • ARTEMIS-4658 - AMQP Federation should prevent reflection of multicast messages between nodes
  • ARTEMIS-4679 - Config HA policy by using broker properties
  • ARTEMIS-4686 - Reduce number of FilterImpl instances
  • ARTEMIS-4690 - Remove deprecated StorageManager.addAddressSettings from codebase.
  • ARTEMIS-4693 - Improve XPath filter performance


  • ARTEMIS-4559 - Refactor HA docs & code/module naming
  • ARTEMIS-4583 - remove artemis-server module test-jar, do some related cleanup
  • ARTEMIS-4589 - consolidate utility code and remove test-jar usages within tests/ subtree
  • ARTEMIS-4592 - Detect possible dependency updates
  • ARTEMIS-4601 - Remove OpenTelemetry deps from main pom
  • ARTEMIS-4640 - move extension added to aid ‘offline’ maven usage into a profile
  • ARTEMIS-4644 - convert some broker-connection tests to use test peer
  • ARTEMIS-4645 - Update AMQP broker connection tests to use better connector names
  • ARTEMIS-4656 - Remove superfluous artemis-spring-integration module
  • ARTEMIS-4665 - Fix intermittent failures in a few AMQP federation tests
  • ARTEMIS-4669 - Clarify Large Messages around StorageManager usage
  • ARTEMIS-4683 - Add additional examples for AMQP federation

Dependency Upgrades

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