ActiveMQ Artemis 2.34.0 Release Notes

Note: This release requires use of Java 11 or above.

Bugs Fixed

  • ARTEMIS-1551 - Conversion of most of the properties is not working when crossing protocols.
  • ARTEMIS-1634 - Coverity: Unintentional integer overflow (OVERFLOW_BEFORE_WIDEN) in
  • ARTEMIS-1691 - JMS Bridge: After the FailureHandler exits, a bridge cannot be started full functional anymore
  • ARTEMIS-1921 - Setting client ID on core JMS should be reflected in broker RemotingConnection
  • ARTEMIS-2492 - [Doc] Confusing/old paragraph in
  • ARTEMIS-3622 - MQTT can deadlock on client connection / disconnection
  • ARTEMIS-4420 - User authentication leaks into non-Artemis servlets
  • ARTEMIS-4652 - Rollback of XAResource implementation should never return XA_RETRY
  • ARTEMIS-4666 - Federated queue consumers do not receive messages on classic clients
  • ARTEMIS-4694 - Servers should be resilient to large headers
  • ARTEMIS-4698 - MetricsManagers’ remove method may cause a NullPointerException
  • ARTEMIS-4699 - properties config - implied factoryClassName on TransportConfiguration can be wrong, it needs to be provided via a property value
  • ARTEMIS-4705 - Remove unnecessary field from STOMP HeartBeater
  • ARTEMIS-4711 - XmlDataImporter now requires JMS code
  • ARTEMIS-4712 - Remove LDAP connection pooling
  • ARTEMIS-4713 - Mitigate NPE in LargeMessageControllerImpl
  • ARTEMIS-4714 - Mitigate NPE in FederatedQueueConsumerImpl MessageListener
  • ARTEMIS-4718 - Diverted messages are not properly routed on cluster remote bindings
  • ARTEMIS-4721 - Possible documentation error in wildcard syntax recommendation
  • ARTEMIS-4723 - org.apache.activemq.artemis.utils.actors.Handler$Counter left on the ThreadLocal
  • ARTEMIS-4725 - Mirror may send wrong headers
  • ARTEMIS-4726 - Removing scheduled message from queue via management can cause negative message count
  • ARTEMIS-4727 - Fix STOMP durable sub doc and property precedence
  • ARTEMIS-4731 - Openwire failure detection leak with Windows Clients / Server won’t cleanup openwork clients with Exception
  • ARTEMIS-4733 - Mirror Infinite loops (mirror infinite Reflection) from Internal Queues
  • ARTEMIS-4734 - Null dereferencing in
  • ARTEMIS-4744 - AMQP broker connections don’t fully support multi host URIs
  • ARTEMIS-4746 - SIMILAR_BRANCHES.SWITCH Identical branches in switch node
  • ARTEMIS-4749 - SIMILAR_BRANCHES.SWITCH in ../activemq/artemis/utils/
  • ARTEMIS-4759 - Restore compatibility with LiveOnlyPolicyConfiguration
  • ARTEMIS-4762 - Queue Stat throw NPE if executed against old server
  • ARTEMIS-4765 - Target Mirror is setting wrong size on duplicate cache
  • ARTEMIS-4768 - Property _AMQ_SCHED_DELIVERY lost from Scheduled Persistent Message after broker restart
  • ARTEMIS-4771 - NPE between AMQPLargeMessageWriter::tryDelivering and resetClose
  • ARTEMIS-4774 - PageCounters get out of sync after AckManager
  • ARTEMIS-4776 - Replicated Paged Files may leak as open on replica target
  • ARTEMIS-4784 - Large messages are being kept on the ReplicationEndpoint after they are closed.

New Features

  • ARTEMIS-4675 - Add replication status metrics
  • ARTEMIS-4709 - Add a plugin to provide periodic expiry of connections on a per acceptor basis
  • ARTEMIS-4763 - properties config - support metrics plugin, conversion of .class for non string attributes and empty init


  • ARTEMIS-1769 - Return JMS Session’s ClientID via JMX
  • ARTEMIS-4306 - Add authn/z metrics
  • ARTEMIS-4498 - Enable management for internal addresses & queues
  • ARTEMIS-4510 - Add auto-create-destination logic to diverts
  • ARTEMIS-4582 - add view and edit permissions to extend security-settings rbac for management operations
  • ARTEMIS-4696 - Deprecate queue prefetch address setting
  • ARTEMIS-4697 - Auto reload SSL PEM config sources on change
  • ARTEMIS-4704 - Eliminate unnecessary variable in ReplicationManager
  • ARTEMIS-4710 - Keep pem-keystore dependencies as is; make it really optional
  • ARTEMIS-4740 - Reduce unnecessary boxing
  • ARTEMIS-4742 - Decoding PersistedSecuritySetting fails after upgrade
  • ARTEMIS-4743 - Improve CLI Queue Stat Output: Split lines and include internal queue attribute
  • ARTEMIS-4745 - Allow configuration of AMQP federation pull consumer batch size
  • ARTEMIS-4754 - Make configuring security for AMQP federation user accounts simpler
  • ARTEMIS-4758 - Hardening Mirroring
  • ARTEMIS-4766 - gate every newInstance call with a type check on the class to ensure we only call static initialisers of the expected type
  • ARTEMIS-4772 - Expose registered broker plugin class names in JMX
  • ARTEMIS-4773 - Performance improvement on page.sync
  • ARTEMIS-4783 - Touch up federation docs


  • ARTEMIS-4703 - Add additional Queue federation example for AMQP federation
  • ARTEMIS-4715 - Using # wildcard from OpenWire JMS consumer stopped working with 2.33.0
  • ARTEMIS-4720 - Add additional example for AMQP federation showing TLS configuration
  • ARTEMIS-4722 - Exclude netty-tcnative-boringssl-static artifacts
  • ARTEMIS-4750 - AMQP Large Message flow control to use runAfter
  • ARTEMIS-4778 - misc test cleanup

Dependency Upgrades

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