ActiveMQ Artemis 2.35.0 Release Notes

Note: This release requires use of Java 11 or above.

Bugs Fixed

  • ARTEMIS-4165 - Page transactions not getting deleted on queue deletion
  • ARTEMIS-4760 - Creating MQTT consumer should work if auto-create-queues is false
  • ARTEMIS-4786 - ConcurrentModificationException on Page.destroy
  • ARTEMIS-4788 - AMQP Federation Broker connection can deadlock broker shutdown
  • ARTEMIS-4789 - Page.destroy race with cleanup
  • ARTEMIS-4795 - Enforce queue filter when sending to FQQN
  • ARTEMIS-4798 - Address Size differs between Mirror and Source queue, leading to OME scenarios
  • ARTEMIS-4799 - Broker Connection Receiver attach handled incorrectly
  • ARTEMIS-4801 - AMQP Session address query cache can have invalid state for long lived sessions
  • ARTEMIS-4812 - PageCursorInfo should be cleared on its Maps when page is marked as complete
  • ARTEMIS-4813 - LargeMessages could lose a body while in sync if backup becomes activated

New Features

  • ARTEMIS-4792 - Add support for setting consumer priority on AMQP Receiver Source addresses



  • ARTEMIS-4790 - Use JUnit 5 for the test suite
  • ARTEMIS-4802 - Update deprecated tags in examples/features/ha/replicated-failback sample

Dependency Upgrades

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