ActiveMQ Artemis 2.8.0 Release Notes

A complete list of JIRAs for the 2.8.0 release can be found here.

A list of commits can be found here.


  • [ARTEMIS-1592] - Clustered broker throws “java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot find binding for [Queue]” for auto-deleted queues
  • [ARTEMIS-2286] - AMQP to Core Conversion doesn’t map routing type always.
  • [ARTEMIS-2289] - STOMP - SUBSCRIBE with receipt returns multiple receipt-id headers
  • [ARTEMIS-2290] - JMSBridgeImpl::stop is failing when called from FailureHandler
  • [ARTEMIS-2292] - Auto-delete set at queue level is not honored when not auto-created
  • [ARTEMIS-2295] - IBM JDK Cannot parse new XSD
  • [ARTEMIS-2296] - AMQ222010: Critical IO Error, shutting down the server, Method org.postgresql.jdbc.PgResultSet.updateBlob(int,Blob) is not yet implemented.
  • [ARTEMIS-2300] - message expiry notification is not received from ExpiryScanner
  • [ARTEMIS-2307] - old clients require separate security settings if they use the jms.topic or jms.queue prefix
  • [ARTEMIS-2309] - TempQueueCleanerUpper instances are leaking
  • [ARTEMIS-2310] - Variable substitution does not happen with xinclude’d sub files
  • [ARTEMIS-2312] - CoreAmqpConverter settig JMS_DEST_TYPE_MSG_ANNOTATION to a fixed type.
  • [ARTEMIS-2313] - Accumulation in HierarchicalObjectRepository cache
  • [ARTEMIS-2314] - Broken backwards compatibility with core JMS FQQN consumer
  • [ARTEMIS-2315] - Incorrect Routing type of the queue created
  • [ARTEMIS-2316] - AMQPMessage missing ApplicationProperties from custom transformer
  • [ARTEMIS-2318] - HornetQ Protocol Manager should copy the messages before replacing message properties
  • [ARTEMIS-2324] - AMQPDuplicate Detection possible race
  • [ARTEMIS-2326] - Remove password parameters before creating protocol manager
  • [ARTEMIS-2328] - Invalid Routing with Empty Topics and mixed Session
  • [ARTEMIS-2329] - AddressSettings inconsistence on decoding

New Feature

  • [ARTEMIS-2306] - Support ActiveMQ5 feature JMSXGroupFirstForConsumer


  • [ARTEMIS-2288] - Clarify handshake timeout error with remote address
  • [ARTEMIS-2294] - Support duplicate detection for AMQP messages the same as core
  • [ARTEMIS-2297] - Replication isolation during errors could lead to Split Brain
  • [ARTEMIS-2301] - Improve check for epoll and kqueue
  • [ARTEMIS-2305] - MESSAGES_ACKNOWLEDGED is incrememented even if message consumption is rolled back
  • [ARTEMIS-2311] - JMSReplyTo insconsistent when dealing with Protocol conversions
  • [ARTEMIS-2320] - Upgrade errorprone compiler dependency to 2.3.3 and review the new warnings
  • [ARTEMIS-2323] - NettyTransport should also send requests with void promises


  • [ARTEMIS-2298] - AMQP: Update Qpid JMS and Proton-J to latest releases

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