ActiveMQ Artemis 2.8.1 Release Notes

A complete list of JIRAs for the 2.8.1 release can be found here.

A list of commits can be found here.


  • [ARTEMIS-2317] - Long TTSP caused by Page::read using mmap read
  • [ARTEMIS-2323] - NettyTransport should also send requests with void promises
  • [ARTEMIS-2327] - JMS Connection ExceptionListener not invoked when ActiveMQConnectionTimedOutException occurs on sendPacket
  • [ARTEMIS-2330] - Possible NPE on dealing with LargeMessages sends towards hornetQ
  • [ARTEMIS-2332] - HawtIo - Impossible to send Message with Headers
  • [ARTEMIS-2333] - Stomp delivery after connection is closed
  • [ARTEMIS-2334] - Apache Artemis HA Slave Node Id NPE
  • [ARTEMIS-2335] - Message stuck if consumers are busy during message group delivery
  • [ARTEMIS-2339] - TextMessage is not validating prefixes and other prefix and compatibility issues



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