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ActiveMQ 5.x support for JMS v2.0 is in progress.

Adding support for JMS v2.0 creates compatability challenges both for existing JMS v1.1 users and existing frameworks that use JMS v2.0 API via the JMS v1.1 compatability capabilities.

Transition Approach

Initially, ActiveMQ clients will not support all JMS 2.0 functionality and will throw an UnsupportedOperationException (RuntimeException) for unsupported methods and features, such as those for async send with a CompletionListener, sending messages with a delivery delay, and using shared topic consumers.

As features are implemented in subsequent releases, these exceptions will be replaced with fully functional methods, examples and unit tests. See later/below for more details on implementation progress.

Jakarta Messaging 3.1 support

The initial support for JMS 2.0 also enables building upon this for transition to Jakarta Messaging 3.1 and its new jakarta.jms API namespace rather than the historical javax.jms namespace.

  • The standard for Java Enterprise features going forward
  • Required for Spring 6
  • Required for Jakarta EE 9 + 10.
  • JMS API Java package name-change only
  • ActiveMQ package names do not change

This allows for a dependency-update-only approach to the transition without having to re-code going forward!

Client jar API Package Version Notes
activemq-client javax.jms 5.18.0+ Initial JMS 2.0 support. Works with embedded broker and VM transport as previously.
activemq-client-jakarta jakarta.jms 5.18.1+ Transitional module for initial client-only Jakarta Messaging 3.1 support. Can’t be used in the same JVM as activemq-client or broker which use javax.jms API. Note this means no embedded broker / VM transport support, only remote brokers.

There is no functional change, this is purely a Java package naming change:

import javax.jms.ConnectionFactory
import javax.jms.Message
import javax.jms...


import jakarta.jms.ConnectionFactory
import jakarta.jms.Message
import jakarta.jms...

To use the Jakarta client in Maven:


Note: Spring bean definitions do not change for Jakarta support:

<bean class="org.apache.activemq.ActiveMQConnectionFactory">

ActiveMQ JMS v2.0 Implementation Progress

The implementation approach is subject to change. Be sure to verify features in Release notes.

User feedback is welcome! Please comment on the JIRAs with questions and comments.

JIRA Status Target Version Completed Version Feature Notes
AMQ-7309 merged 5.18.0 5.18.0 JMS v2.0 API dependency ActiveMQ will ship with a JMS v2.0 dependency jar
AMQ-8322 merged 5.18.0 5.18.0 JMSContext Simplified JMS Context object support
AMQ-8322 merged 5.18.0 5.18.0 JMSRuntimeException Convert JMSExceptions to be JMSRuntimeExceptions
AMQ-8322 merged 5.18.0 5.18.0 JMSConsumer Consume messages
AMQ-8322 merged 5.18.0 5.18.0 JMSProducer Produce messages
AMQ-8321 merged 5.18.0 5.18.0 GetBody/isBodyAssignable Support for checking body type using a Class<?>
AMQ-8320 PR #982 5.18.2   Delivery Delay Support for Message DeliveryDelay feature
AMQ-8324   5.18.2   JMSProducer features Completion Listener async send support
AMQ-8323   TBD   Shared Topic Consumer Multi-consumer (queue-like) consuming from topic subscriptions
AMQ-8325   TBD   XA Connection methods Updated methods when using XA Transactions

Feature notes

JMS Object Feature Notes
JMSProducer disableMessageID ActiveMQ does not support the optional feature of disabling MessageID

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