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Getting Help

If you are experiencing problems using ActiveMQ then please report your problem to our Issue Tracker. You may also find it useful to discuss your issues with the community on the Discussion Forums or join one of our Mailing Lists.

How to get help

Before you report a problem you might want to read the FAQ.
Whenever you are reporting a problem please be sure to include as much information as possible; the more we know the more chance of a quicker resolution.

  • Which version of ActiveMQ
  • What platform of Java (e.g., Java SE 6 with JRE/JDK 1.6.0 or J2SE 5 with JRE/JDK 1.5.0)
  • Any particular application/web server or container being used - if so what version?
  • Stack traces generally really help! If in doubt include the whole thing; often exceptions get wrapped in other exceptions and the exception right near the bottom explains the actual error, not the first few lines at the top. It’s very easy for us to skim-read past unnecessary parts of a stack trace.
  • Log output (e.g., data/activemq.log) can be useful too; sometimes enabling DEBUG logging can help
  • Your code & configuration files are often useful

How to get help faster

We can help you much quicker if you try the following

  • Provide us with a JUnit test case that demonstrates your issue. e.g. if you think you’ve found a bug, can you create a test case to demonstrate the bug?
  • Submit a patch fixing the bug! (We also buy you beer when we meet you if you submit bug fixes)
  • For memory leaks or performance related issues, if you can run a profiler on your test case and attach the output as a file (or zipped file if it’s huge) to the JIRA we can normally fix things much faster. e.g. you could run jmap/jhat, JProfiler or YourKit on your code and send us the output. To find memory leaks it’s quicker to resolve if you can tell us what classes are taking up all of the RAM; we can normally figure out what’s wrong from that.

Commercial Support

This is an open source project, so the amount of time we have available to help resolve your issue is often limited as all help is provided on a volunteer basis. If you want to get priority help, need to get up to speed quickly, require some training or mentoring, or need full 24 x 7 production support you should contact a commercial company specializing in ActiveMQ support such as…

  • apifocal is a Professional Services company. Headquartered near Washington, DC, USA, APIfocal provides consulting and training for leveraging the Apache Integration stack and commercial ESBs at large scale, adding automation and devops capabilities.
  • Amazon Web Services provides Amazon MQ, a managed message broker service for Apache ActiveMQ in the cloud. Amazon MQ manages the work involved in setting up an ActiveMQ message broker, from provisioning the infrastructure capacity you request–including server instances and storage–to installing the broker software itself. Once your broker is up and running, Amazon MQ automates common administrative tasks such as patching the operating system and ActiveMQ software
  • Media Driver provides consulting services and management tools for Apache ActiveMQ and the Apache Integration stack for both the commercial and public sector.  We bring a full suite of project delivery services including business and technical analysis, proof of concepts, architectural guidance, best practice integration, and project management.  Media Driver offers training classes for developers and administrators, as well as middleware management software.
  • HYTE Under the Apache License, HYTE offers HYTE MQ, an Open Source package of Apache ActiveMQ, which provides enterprises a single distribution to support all DevOps pipelines and allows deployment in any environment: containers, cloud and on-premise. HYTE MQ is pre-configured with deployment and consulting best practices to ensure stability and ease of maintenance. HYTE’s commercial offerings include: HYTE Console which provides a self-service, multi-tenant management capability across ActiveMQ and IBM MQ deployments, numerous production support packages, multi-platform message bridging, and consulting services.
  • Rogue Wave / OpenLogic has a dedicated team of OSS experts offering round-the-clock Production Support with competitive SLAs for troubleshooting ActiveMQ issues and outages. Rogue Wave offers a comprehensive week-long instructor-led training program for developers and admins. Rogue Wave OpenLogic also provides Architecture and Design Consulting, and a Developer Support contract to assist in the development of messaging applications.
  • Red Hat offers JBoss A-MQ, a supported distribution of Apache ActiveMQ, that include Enterprise Developer and Production Support, and offer training and consultancy for enterprise deployments.
  • Savoir Technologies, Inc provides enterprise consulting, training and support for ActiveMQ, Apache ActiveMQ Artemis, and a host of other Apache service containers. Savoir can provide best practice mentoring for developing with ActiveMQ and ActiveMQ Artemis, as well as architectural/design reviews, troubleshooting and SOA infrastructure implementations. Savoir’s staff includes some of the contributors of ActiveMQ and ActiveMQ Artemis who are on the ground consulting and are familiar with real world implementations and issues.
  • Total Transaction Management (TTM) provides ActiveMQ consulting and support, as well as security and monitoring add-on products and reference guide for ActiveMQ.
  • Tomitribe are experts in Tomcat and ActiveMQ integration, champions of Open Source and Java EE.  Tomitribe offers consulting, training and support for TomEE, Tomcat, ActiveMQ, CXF and more.
  • TytoEASE offers support, consulting and training on enterprise ready open source projects including ActiveMQ.   Support offerings are at three levels with guaranteed SLA’s. The company’s consulting work is short term to help troubleshoot, fine-tune, do architectural reviews or help with initial design.  TytoEASE’s focus is on the Enterprise with how customers integrate open source with their current technologies.
  • Yupiik contributes and commits to the Apache ActiveMQ project. Provides consulting, training and support for Apache ActiveMQ and related projects like Apache Karaf, Apache Camel, Apache Kafka, Apache Unomi.

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