Broker Configuration URI

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An ActiveMQ Classic broker can be extensivly configured using a single configuration URI. The following URI schemes are supported

Scheme Link Description
xbean: Broker XBean URI Configures the broker using an Xml Configuration from an XML file which is on the classpath (or in 4.2 onwards can be on the file system or an external URL) which uses Spring and xbean-spring to configure the broker
broker: Broker URI Configures the broker explicitly using a URI syntax
properties: Broker Properties URI Configures the broker explicitly using a URI syntax

For the most flexible and powerful option we recommend the Xml Configuration via the Broker XBean URI to configure AcitveMQ brokers.

If you are worried about jar dependencies then either the Broker URI or the Broker Properties URI are useful as they are very simple and require no dependencies on Spring or xbean-spring and don’t require any XML.

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