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Destination Options are a way to provide extended configuration options to a JMS consumer without having to extend the JMS API. The options are encoded using URL query syntax in the destination name that the consumer is created on.

Consumer Options

Option Name Default Value Description
consumer.dispatchAsync true Should the broker dispatch messages asynchronously to the consumer.
consumer.exclusive false Is this an Exclusive Consumer.
consumer.maximumPendingMessageLimit 0 Use to control if messages for non-durable topics are dropped if a slow consumer situation exists.
consumer.noLocal false Same as theĀ noLocal flag on a Topic consumer. Exposed here so that it can be used with a queue.
consumer.prefetchSize n/a The number of message the consumer will prefetch.
consumer.priority 0 Allows you to configure a Consumer Priority.
consumer.retroactive false Is this a Retroactive Consumer.
consumer.selector null JMS Selector used with the consumer.


queue = new ActiveMQQueue("TEST.QUEUE?consumer.dispatchAsync=false&consumer.prefetchSize=10");
consumer = session.createConsumer(queue);

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