How can I enable detailed logging

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How can I enable detailed logging

We use slf4j which allows the underlying logging implementation to be statically bound at startup.

By default we ship with log4j but feel free to make your own choice.

If you’ve got log4j.jar on your classpath you can use a file to configure the logging levels. See the example for the kind of thing you’ll need.

e.g. adding the following to your will enable tracing of ActiveMQ Classic code:

in 4.x

in 3.x

Getting help on log4j

Since ActiveMQ Classic 5.17.0, ActiveMQ Classic uses log4j2. You can find log4j2 documentation here.

ActiveMQ Classic 5.16.4+ uses reload4j, a fork of log4j1 containing important security fixes, with the same configuration as log4j1.

Before ActiveMQ Classic 5.16.4, ActiveMQ Classic uses log4j1.

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