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ActiveMQ Classic 6 modernizes the ActiveMQ Classic 5 broker engine to support new JDK releases and provide support for Jakarta EE. This includes partial support for JMS 2.0 APIs that are available in Jakarta Messaging 3.1.

This release includes performance improvements, enhancements for observability, and reduction in 3rd-party dependencies.

Jakarta 3.1 and JMS 2.0 Support

ActiveMQ Classic 6 supports Jakarta EE namespaces for both client and server. For details on the transition and the status of support for Jakarta Messaging 3.1 and JMS 2.0 API features, see the Jakarta/JMS 2 transition page.


ActiveMQ Classic 6 requires JDK 17 and uses Spring 6 on the broker-side for configuration.

New Features

  • Jakarta EE namespace support
  • Shared user and password store for messaging and web components (shared JAAS Realm)
  • Docker image improvements
  • New JMX attributes on Connection
  • Queue expiry check is skipped when queue is paused
  • Jakarta Messaging 3.1/JMS 2.0 support updates: XA transaction and consumer receiveBody(Class<T>) methods
  • Reduce inflight transaction memory footprint in KahaDB
  • Includes security fix for CVE-2023-46604

Key Dependency updates

  • JDK 17, 21 supported
  • Spring 6
  • Jetty 11.x
  • Apache Camel 4.x
  • Jolokia 2.x

Deprecated and Removed features

  • Solaris support
  • 32-bit support has been removed
  • Removed unnecessary dependencies (jetty-continuation, commons-collections)
  • Removed deprecated 4.x era JournalPersistenceAdapter (JDBCPersistenceAdapter has been default)

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