Static Transport Reference

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The Static Transport

The static transport provides a hard coded mechanism to discover other connections using a list of URIs. A connection using this discovery mechanism will attempt to connect to all URIs in the list until it is succesful.

Configuration Syntax


Example URI


Option Name Default Value Description
initialReconnectDelay 10 How long to wait before the first reconnect attempt (in ms)
maxReconnectDelay 30000 The maximum amount of time we ever wait between reconnect attempts (in ms)
useExponentialBackOff true Should an exponential backoff be used btween reconnect attempts
backOffMultiplier 2 The exponent used in the exponential backoff attempts
maxReconnectAttempts 0 If not 0, then this is the maximum number of reconnect attempts before an error is sent back to the client
minConnectTime 500 If a connaction fails faster than this amount of time then it is considered a connection failure

As the static transport protocol is for broker discovery, it should not be used by client programs. Clients wishing to failover to a static list of broker instances, should use the failover:// transport instead.

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