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This page captures resources and articles outside the ActiveMQ project which may assist your development. Please add any new resources that you come across by clicking the edit link at the bottom of the page. If you do this, please make sure to attach a date to the article as well so users are aware of how recent it is.

Interviews and Podcasts

  • ActiveMQ FeatherCast 2021-09-07, An interview with Jean-Baptiste Onofre, Justin Bertram, Matt Pavlovich and Clebert Suconic on what it means to be “Flexible & Powerful Open Source Multi-Protocol Messaging” and what’s new with the project.
  • ActiveMQ FeatherCast 2007-04-02, James Strachan is interviewed on the ActiveMQ project

Webinars, Videos and Screencasts

General Articles

Maintenance and Monitoring



JRuby/Ruby, Rails and/or Stomp


Broker Comparison

Books and Reference Guides

  • Beside these extract of interviews, articles and videos there are also some books available. Take a look at the Books page.

Additional Resources


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